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    The steps to scaffold ComponentOne Dashboard Layout control for ASP.NET MVC are as follows:

    1. Configure the datasource. Refer the topic Data Source Configuration to see configuring a datasource in an application.
    2. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the project name and select Add | New Scaffolded Item. The Add Scaffold wizard appears.

    3. In the Add Scaffold wizard, select Common and then select C1 Scaffolder from the right pane. You can also select Common | MVC | Controller or Common | MVC | View and then C1 Scaffolder to add only a controller or a view.

    4. Click Add. The AddScaffold wizard appears with the Data tab selected by default.

    5. Select Dashboard Layout control and click Next. The C1 ASP.NET MVC Dashboard Layout wizard appears with the General tab selected by default.

    6. In the General tab, specify the basic details as follows:

      1. Enter the Controller Name and View Name.
      2. Enter the Id for the DashboardLayout control.
    7. In the Attach layouts tab, specify the layout details as follows:
      1. Select Manual from the Select layout dropdown list.
      2. Use the +Group button to add a ManualGridGroup layout in the DashboardLayout control.
      3. Use the +Tile button to add a ManualGridTile in the ManualGridGroup.
      4. Set the ManualGridTile properties as per your requirements from the properties section on the right.

    8. Click Add. You will notice that the Controller and View for the DashboardLayout control is added to your project.