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    In This Topic

    A slicer control can provide an easy way to filter a grid or a chart, making it an excellent visual tool for your dashboard. Slicers make it really convenient to filter data in a pivot table. Though the OLAP control is already incorporated with conventional filtering capacities, it does not provide any clue to decipher what exactly is being filtered in the current state. This is where the Slicer control becomes useful. The slicer offers a user-friendly interface to filter the PivotGrid or PivotChart data.

    Apart from providing quick filtering, the slicer also indicates the current filtering state. This makes it easy to understand what exactly is shown in a filtered PivotGrid or PivotChart. The Slicer control for MVC displays all the unique values of the field which is being filtered in a list. You can then simply select the field values from that list to filter the PivotGrid/PivotChart data.

    Slicer consists of elements as follows: