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MESCIUS has grown over the years. From its humble beginnings in the 1950s, the company has evolved from focusing solely on education to becoming one of the largest providers of enterprise software development products and services worldwide.

Our organization is committed to providing customers and clients worldwide with the highest quality solutions that provide reliable value to anyone who uses them. This philosophy has led MESCIUS through the last four decades of operation.

Our Story: From Educators to Software Innovators

MESCIUS was founded in Sendai, Japan, in the early 1950s by a group of American educators. Focusing on high-quality English education, this small group established world-class elementary schools in northern Japan. After nurturing the schools to success, there was a realization that the company had software needs not met by what was available on the market. So, MESCIUS expanded into technology and software to create what was needed.

Across all our software products and services, we focus on helping our customers achieve their goals. Our fundamental principles – thoroughly understanding our customers' business objectives, maintaining a strong emphasis on quality, and adhering to the highest ethical standards – serve as the foundation for everything we do.

Today's MESCIUS has evolved but retains the same commitment to providing first-rate enterprise software solutions around the world

The early 2000s saw intense growth for MESCIUS with the acquisition of three companies: DataDynamics in 2008 (ActiveReports), FarPoint in 2009 (Spread), and ComponentOne in 2012 (ComponentOne Studio and Wijmo). In January 2023, MESCIUS (GrapeCity at the time) entered into a capital and business alliance with iSigma Capital Corporation. With this recent partnership, the company announced a new name and brand, MESCIUS inc., to reaffirm the commitment to innovation and growth and an unwavering dedication to providing customers with top-notch developer and enterprise solutions.

Company Timeline