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Spread.NET Releases

Spread.NET v17

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Spread.NET v17 Service Pack 1 (17.1) has been released, and we've introduced several new features and enhancements that primarily focus on the Spread WinForms control.

Spread WinForms New Features

  • Error Bar Support in Charts
  • Column Style for Group Footers
  • MultiOption CellType Compact Mode
  • CellType Dialogs
  • TabStrip Button Customization
  • Double Click Fill Down
  • Number Format for Status Bar

We're excited to announce that Spread .NET V17 has just released with lots of exciting new features including:

Workbook Enhancements

  • Header and Footer WrapText
  • Printing Enhancements
  • Saving to HTML
  • Built-In Themes
  • Office 365 Default Theme 2023
  • Custom Document Properties
  • Get Last Row/Column of a Cell Range
  • ColumnDragMoveCompleting/RowDragMoveCompleting Events
  • Hide Borders of Spilled Dynamic Array
  • Paste Options for RichClipboard
  • GoTo First/Last Sheet
  • Copy Method for IWorksheets
  • Scrolling Left and Right with Mouse Wheel

Calculation Enhancements

  • EVALUATE Function
  • IRange.HasSpill API

Chart Enhancements

  • Multi-Level Category Labels
  • Chart Sheet
  • Embedded Shapes within Charts

Shape Enhancements

  • Shape with Curve Annotation
  • Insert Pictures in Cells
  • Vertical Text in Shapes

.NET 8 Support

Shortcut Keys

Performance Improvements


Spread.NET v16

Spread.NET V16 SP2 is here! This release includes several important fixes for customer-reported issues:

Resolved Customer-Reported Issues:

  • The FarPoint.Localization.dll would be missing after installing version 16.
  • An InvalidOperationException would occur when binding data to Spread.
  • Superscripts that were set via the Spread Designer would not be maintained.
  • An ExcecutionEngineException would be triggered in certain circumstances.
  • ToIndex would always return 1.
  • The move indicator for multi rows/columns would not move correctly in certain circumstances.

We are pleased to announce the V16 SP1 release of Spread.NET! This release includes many new features and enhancements:

  • Spread for WinForms now supports form controls.
  • Spread for WinForms supports 3D rotation for shapes.
  • Spread for WinForms now lets users save a sheet as an image, including row or column headers.
  • [Designer] Spread for WinForms supports to scroll through ribbon gallery using spin buttons.
  • Spread for WinForms improved the performance of Data Table formula feature and full date column selection

We are pleased to announce the v16 release of Spread.NET! This release includes many new features and enhancements:

  • Rich Text Editing

  • 19 New Built-in Formula Functions for Calculations

  • Worksheet Protection Options Dialog

  • Forecast Sheet Dialog

  • Goal Seek Dialog

  • DataTable Dialog

  • Text to Columns Dialog

  • Remove Duplicates Dialog

  • Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • And Much More!


Spread.NET v15

We are happy to announce the release of Spread.NET v15.3.20225.0. This release includes an important fix for a reported issue from our WinForms customers. The following issue has been resolved:

  • The Spread Designer now opens correctly from VS 2022 design-time using .NET 4.6.2 project.

We are happy to announce the release of Spread.NET v15.2.20223.0. This release includes important fixes for customer reported issues:

  • The DataField property value is retained when upgrading to Spread version 15.
  • XML files load correctly in Windows forms.
  • The license file is generated correctly when the build configuration name contains whitespace characters.
  • The IWorkbook Calculate method works correctly when the CalculationOnDemandMode enumeration is set to "On" or "Semi".
  • Fixed an issue where setting horizontal scroll using events resulted in bidirectional scrolling.

We are happy to announce the release of Spread.NET v15.1.20221.0. This release introduces important changes and new features:

  • Baseline .NET Framework Reference Changed from .NET 4.5.2 to .NET 4.6.2
  • New NuGet Package introduced for GrapeCity.Spread.WinForms.Design
  • Cell Styles UI in Spread Designer
  • Enter Formulas Using '+' and '-'
  • Crop Shape Picture
  • Automatic Number Format
  • Inline Cell Images
  • Formatted Number Cell Value
  • Enhanced Excel-Compatible Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn

We are pleased to announce the release of GrapeCity Spread.NET v15! This release includes new platform support for .NET 6 as well as many new features and enhancements:

  • .NET 6.0 Support and Nuget package
  • 17 Sparkline Visual Function
  • LAMBDA Function Enables Creating Custom Functions Using Formulas
  • 7 LAMBDA Helper Functions and Related Enhancements
  • Freeform: Shape, Freeform: Scribble, and Camera Shape Enhancements
  • Table Binding Enhancements
  • Rich Text: Import XLSX With Cells Containing Multiple Fonts, Text Styles, Colors, Superscript, Subscript, and more
  • Enhanced Border Rendering and Printing Support
  • Enhanced Conditional Format Dialog
  • Insert Cut/Copied Cells
  • Enhanced Excel-Compatible Keyboard Shortcuts and Actions
  • Export ComboBoxCellType as Data Validation
  • Display Image From File Path Using ImageCellType
  • New VSTO-like APIs


Spread.NET v14

  • Users can now set the FrozenTrailingStickToEdge option to control whether to display the blank space between the data rows and columns, and the frozen trailing rows and columns.
  • Spread Winforms also provides the option to set the frozen line color with FrozenLineColor option.
  • Users can now set whether to paste the clipboard values in invisible cells, rows, and columns by using the PasteSkipInvisibleRange option.
  • Users can hide the rows and columns outlines using ShowOutline option.

  • Users can use the CacheOptions enumeration to improve the performance of specific formula functions, such as LOOKUP and MATCH type formulas with exact match.
  • Spread Winforms supports tracing Precedents and Dependents cells in spreadsheets along with fetching external references.
  • Users can now add percentage labels in Pie Chart.
  • Users can now hide and unhide sheets using tab strip context menu.
  • New formula functions ARRAYTOTEXT and VALUETOTEXT have been introduced to return text values from different non-text values.
  • Scroll by pixel through mouse wheel is now supported in Spread Winforms.

I am pleased to announce the release of GrapeCity Spread. NET v14. This release includes:

  • To keep up with the current technology and applications and future versions of .NET going forward, Spread for .NET now supports .NET 5/NET 3.1 Core. You can migrate the .NET Framework project to .NET Core project to support .NET5 or .NET 3.1 Core.
  • Updated the license for Spread.NET v14 components to use the new GrapeCity license model, and support the new platform components in .NET 5 package for NuGet distribution.
  • Support has been provided for adding Data Types just like in Excel so that users can access all the required information with an easy card pop up and extract key data from relevant objects.
  • Users can now add hyperlinks in cells to access information in a web page or workbook.
  • Extensive support for users to display formulas in cells which will aid them to audit formulas and understand unfamiliar workbooks, especially complex workbooks with numerous formulas.
  • Users can now edit shape points by using API or Designer. By doing this, any existing shape can be modified to a custom shape according to requirements.
  • Users can now select multiple worksheets at once so that you can perform multiple operations like delete, hide, move, copy, set tab color etc.
  • Support has been provided for the new LET calculation function like in Excel.
  • Excel-compatible keyboard shortcuts are now supported to save users' time and increase their efficiency.
  • CheckBoxCellType now supports the PictureZoomEffect property.
  • Users can print the entire workbook easily now with "Print Entire Workbook" option, which has been added to the Print preview window.



Spread.NET v13

We are happy to announce the release of Spread.NET v13.45.20203.0. This release includes a various bug fixes:


  • NullReferenceException is not thrown while printing to PDF format.
  • The formula entered in a cell is retained as it is in Spread Designer.
  • Row tag can now be restored while using xml.
  • Subscripts appear correctly in the application.
  • Images are exported with different names when exported form Spread to Excel.
  • There is no effect on performance when *.ss6 file in code-behind is loaded with FormulaTextBox presence.
  • DefaultSheetDataModel event is triggered for cell whose data has been changed.
  • Changes made to an XML file in Spread Designer are saved correctly.
  • The value of cells with formulas pointing to another sheet are updated correctly.
  • The font of cell containing rich text is displayed correctly.
  • The position and size of chart are saved correctly on Spread designer if LegacyBehaviors includes Style enum.


  • MemoryStream created from XML with conditional styling having NonFixed cell reference can now be de-serialized.

We are happy to announce the release of Spread.NET v13.45.20201.0. This release includes important fixes for customer-reported issues and some enhancements:



  • A sheet can be renamed by double-clicking the sheet name tab and entering a new name.
  • EnhancedScrollBarRenderer is provided to customize the scrollbar.

Resolved Issues

  • Sorting operation works fine even if there is an empty column among columns to be sorted.
  • The tab color of active sheet can be changed.
  • In MFC Application, pressing the scroll bar button scrolls throughout the sheet.
  • zoomFactor provided is the actual Zoom factor of the sheet.
  • CellChanged event is fired every time a cell changes when UnionedChangeCellRange is False.
  • SP6 application can be migrated to SP13 without any issues.
  • Copying shapes and charts now works correctly. The copied chart is visible without changing the active sheet.
  • Name Manager in Designer shows all the cell values correctly.
  • Column can be added even if UnionedChangeCellRange is False.
  • TEXT function evaluates correctly when a culture specific format string is used. [276855]
  • No error is thrown on opening excel file when FrozenRowCount is set. [277746]
  • Excel file containing form controls and charts is imported correctly in Spread Win Designer. [262992]

ASP.NET: Resolved Issues

  • XML files can be loaded in Spread.Web when generated by exporting through Spread.Win

WPF: Resolved Issues

  • VLOOKUP's formula references are updated automatically.

The Spread.NET v13 release features many enhancements to Microsoft Excel compatibility and several new features and enhancements:

  • Enhanced Shape Engine
  • Shape Property Bindings for making rich interactive shapes
  • Copy-Paste Enhancements between Microsoft Excel® and Spread.NET
  • Slicers for table filtering
  • VisualFunctions for custom data visualization
  • Enhanced XLOOKUP and XMATCH with support for new search_mode 0 - All to return all matching items in an array
  • Automatic formatting of formula values
  • Automatic adjustment of the row header width to size with the text as the sheet is scrolled down
  • BackgroundImage in IWorksheet
  • Editing formulas now supports inserting structured references to table cells
  • New BeforeRightClick event
  • New Samples Added in WinForms Control Explorer


Spread.NET v12

We are pleased to announce the release of Spread.NET v12.2, the second service pack release of 2019.

This release includes:

  • New Windows Forms version 12.45.20193.0
  • New WPF/Silverlight version 12.45.20193.0
  • New WinRT version 12.45.20193.0
  • New ASP.NET version 12.45.20194.0

This release includes customer-reported bug fixes for Windows Forms.

We're happy to announce the release of Spread.NET 12 SP1 version 12.0.20191.0. This release is especially exciting, with enhancements that improve performance, upgrading experience, and Excel-like features. The Spread.NET 12 v1 sp1 is now available for immediate download!

  • Dynamic Array Support - You can now enter cell formulas that return array values which “spill” into empty adjacent cells! This powerful feature is a new alternative to array formulas and includes support for seven new formula functions and the new operators for spilled range (#) and range intersection (@).
  • New Spread Designer Enhancements - The Spread Designer tool now supports the Formulas tab with tools for Defined Names, Formula Auditing and Calculation. This new UI also supports enabling the new dynamic array support in the spreadsheet (which is not enabled by default).
  • Alternating Styles Support - You can now apply table-like formatting to entire sheets and skins with alternating row and column styles using the new flat-style model. This feature includes support for built-in Excel styles and themes, including gradient and pattern fill.
  • Deselect the Selection like Microsoft Excel® – You can now use the CTRL key with the mouse or keyboard to remove specific cells from the selection, as in Microsoft Excel®.
  • 1-based Indexing like VSTO – You can now create the IWorkbook to use 1-based indexing for all GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.IWorkbook APIs, like Microsoft Excel® VSTO APIs. This can enable easier porting of Excel VBA code or old Spread COM version code (which also used 1-based row and column indexing) to .NET, which has always used 0-based indexing for all APIs in previous releases for CLS compliance.
  • New F4 Key Action – You can now use the F4 key while editing a formula reference to toggle the reference between absolute and relative column and row references, as in Microsoft Excel®.
  • New Constructor for AsyncFunction – You can now create a custom AsyncFunction which uses specified FunctionAttributes. This enables creating custom asynchronous functions which are volatile, or which return arrays, or otherwise require specifying some FunctionAttributes for proper function.

We are happy to announce the release of Spread.NET v12.45.20181.0! This release introduces important changes and new features:

  • Exchangeable File Format: Enhanced XLSX serialization includes custom Spread objects, replaces XML format
  • More Excel-Like Spread: new default settings for more Excel-like default behavior
  • LegacyBeahviors: a new property for backward compatibility and improving smooth upgrade support
  • Calculation Enhancements: External Variables, 18 New Language Packs, External Reference Support, New Header/Footer Cell Reference Syntax for Formulas
  • Office Themes Support: Import and Export THMX Office Theme Files for loading and saving color, font, and effects


Spread.NET v11

I'm happy to announce the release of Spread.NET 11.45.20183.0 (Service Pack 2)! This release features a number of very important changes to the Windows Forms control, and all users who are upgrading from previous releases to this release need to be aware of these changes and how they'll affect your applications.

  • Digital Signatures on DLLS
  • SS6 files can now load into the control or the designer using any language pack.
  • The text with Arial font and multiline property is now displayed properly.
  • While expanding the child node in hierarchical view, the values in parent row are displayed appropriately.
  • Macros can be imported properly from the Excel file into Spread.
  • Custom date control now works appropriately.
  • Spread Win can now respond even after losing focus.
  • Backcolor of cells can now be exported without any issues.
  • When CellVerticalAlignment is set, the text now remains intact without any losses.

Spread.NET 11.45.20181.0 (Service Pack 1) release features a number of very important changes to the Windows Forms control, and all users who are upgrading from previous releases to this release need to be aware of these changes and how they'll impact your applications.

  • The minimum target framework version has been changed from .NET 4.0 to .NET 4.5.2 because Microsoft has dropped support for older framework versions and implemented support for "quirking" in the latest supported frameworks. This change affects all assemblies of Spread.NET 11 and all components and controls.
  • While exporting to a PDF file with ComboBox, the text in the exported PDF file now appears properly.
  • When you click any cell in order to make it as Active cell, the current cell is quickly changed to the active cell. Also, the scrolling operation on the worksheet has now become much faster.
  • The sorting feature now works correctly with AutoGenerateColumns (when it is set to false).
  • When a cell is spanned, clicking the "Reset Selected Property" for 'Formula Property" in Spread Designer no longer throws an exception and works smoothly.
  • Now, custom functions defined by the users while working with formulas can use names with Point symbol.

Spread.NET v11 introduces important changes to the Windows Forms controls, all focused on improved performance and memory footprint, along with many other enhancements to make this the most powerful spreadsheet user interface control ever released.

  • Performance Improvements
  • 462 Functions now available
  • Workbook Protection Support
  • Cell validators and Enhanced Data Validation
  • Drag-fill Enhancements
  • Printing Enhancements
  • HyperLinkCellType Supports Sort and Filter
  • New API with Document Properties

ASP.NET: Enhancements

  • Command Bar Button for PDF and Excel
  • Move Rows Directly in the UI
  • Server Command Events in the Touch Menu