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Xamarin UI Controls

Xamarin UI Controls for Native Mobile Apps

Add cross-platform business controls to your iOS, Android, and UWP mobile apps.

  • Experience powerful enterprise features with Xamarin datagrids and charts
  • Deliver a universal experience across all devices
  • Supports Xamarin.iOS, Android, UWP, and Xamarin.Forms 5.0

ComponentOne Xamarin controls are now included with WinUI & MAUI Edition.

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Xamarin UI controls are reusable design elements that help developers implement various features in their mobile applications in less time. ComponentOne provides a complete set of high-performing, flexible Xamarin controls, including datagrids, charts, input, and more.

Why Choose ComponentOne for Your Xamarin Applications?

C1 Calendar

Fill the Xamarin Control Gap

Fill your Xamarin toolbox with essential data visualization, calendar, PDF, and data entry controls designed for enterprise apps.

Cross Platform Grid

Universal Cross-Platform Development

Get the same features in iOS, Android, and UWP. With Xamarin.Forms, you can write C# code once to deliver universal experiences across all devices.

Enhanced Native Experiences

Enhanced Native Experiences

Studio for Xamarin has been optimized for all Xamarin development and provides truly native experiences in Android, iOS, and UWP.


Adaptive Styles for All Devices

Our controls deliver a unique look and feel to match each target device and the latest UX trends—without any extra effort required.

Visual Studio Compatibility

Full Designer Support

With full support for Visual Studio designers and XAML Previewer, it's easy to construct your Android XML and iOS storyboards.

Superior Animation

Superior Animation

Deliver the best native mobile experiences with animation built into select controls like FlexGrid, FlexChart, Calendar, and gauges.

Increase Productivity

Performance Optimization

These controls are designed specifically for the Xamarin architecture to ensure superior compatibility, speed, and size—with no dependencies on SkiaSharp or other libraries

Nuget Packages

Manageable Distribution

Package management is effortless with ComponentOne NuGet packages on or installed locally.

Popular Xamarin UI Controls

FlexGrid: Xamarin UI Components Datagrid

Deliver a mobile spreadsheet UI with FlexGrid, the most flexible, feature-rich Xamarin datagrid—supporting adaptive columns, touch gestures, and endless formatting options with custom cells.

Learn More

FlexChart: 80+ Xamarin Charts

Enhance your data visualization with 80+ charts, interactions, and elements for mobile enterprise apps.

Learn More

FlexViewer: Xamarin PDF Viewer

Use the FlexViewer to display PDF files in Xamarin.Forms, Android, and iOS mobile apps. The viewer supports page navigation and text search.

Learn More

Explore All Xamarin Controls

Data Management

Data Services

* included with Studio Enterprise

Reporting & Documents


Studio for Xamarin Component Project Templates

Kickstart your projects with ready-to-go project templates.

Quickly get up and running with ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin using our project templates. These templates come equipped with the previously-reference controls—saving you time when adding the necessary libraries. The following project templates are included for Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio for Mac:

  • Xamarin.Forms Cross-Platform App Using .NET Standard
  • Xamarin.Forms Cross-Platform App Using Portable Class Library
  • Xamarin.Forms Entity Framework App Using FlexGrid and SQLite
  • Xamarin.Android App
  • Xamarin.iOS App

Studio for Xamarin Control Demo Apps

Xamarin Control Explorer

Xamarin Control Explorer

Explore all Studio for Xamarin controls, including native mobile charts, datagrids, input, and calendars.

Xamarin ChartBuilder

Xamarin ChartBuilder

Build Xamarin charts on the fly. Input your data and generate the native mobile chart.

C1Weather App

C1Weather App

See how Studio for Xamarin controls work with a weather API, which includes examples of Xamarin charts and datagrids.

MyBI Business Intelligence Demo

MyBI Business Intelligence Demo

Discover this real-life example of a material design-based Xamarin business intelligence dashboard, including gauges, charts, and a grid to summarize sales data.

Dashboard Demo

Dashboard Demo

Explore this real-life example of a Xamarin sales dashboard, including charts, grids, gauges, and analysis.

ComponentOne Customer Feedback and Awards

Five Star Rating

"Prompt responses, quality feedback, and help with code examples. Fantastic service!"


Five Star Rating

"Excellent product with good support"


Five Star Rating

"I am very appreciative of the effort your entire team gave to make this transaction happen. Thank you for your efforts!"


ComponentSource Award 2023 #2 Publisher ComponentSource Award 2024 Top 25 Product

"When I run into complex problems, I turn to my ComponentOne Studio Enterprise toolbox."


"I love to use C1 components! I can be confident that if I need to do a particular task, ComponentOne will have the control to do the job."



"As an ISV, I need tools that allow me to be competitive. Therefore, it's a must to use reliable and stable tools for customized solutions...ComponentOne provides all that to me and even more!"


"Easier to use right off the bat. I liked using the Scheduler for drag-and-drop capability."


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