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Data Layer Components for .NET

A Powerful Data Collection Component for .NET

Get a more powerful .NET data binding component with ComponentOne DataCollection for .NET.

  • Provides filtering, grouping, sorting, and real-time updates for your data collection
  • Enables cursor and paging-based data virtualization for incrementally loading large data sets
  • Based on the traditional .NET implementation of CollectionView
  • Supported in ASP.NET Core, Blazor, WinForms, WPF, WinUI, UWP, Xamarin

Why Choose ComponentOne DataCollection?

Increase Productivity

A More Powerful CollectionView

Based on the standard .NET implementation of ICollectionView, ComponentOne DataCollection is familiar and provides powerful features such as data virtualization.

Cross Platform Grid

Improve Performance for Large Data Sets

DataCollection enables cursor and paging-based data virtualization for loading large data sets on-demand where data is loaded in chunks as the user scrolls down a list in real-time.

Quickly Style Apps

Simplified and Easy to Use

Implement a custom data collection more easily and focus only on what you need with separated features. Maximize code reuse, type safety, and performance with generics.

Input Search

Develop Cross-Platform

The DataCollection is a .NET Standard so you can manage data sets consistently in your ASP.NET Core, Blazor, Windows Forms, WPF, WinUI, UWP, and Xamarin apps.

Cross Platform Chart

Display Real-Time Updates

Our special Proxy DataCollection can communicate real-time updates between server and client with SignalR in your desktop and web applications.

.NET Data Binding Key Features

.NET Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping

Manipulate Data with Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping

DataCollection is a data management component able to perform the most common data transformations. It provides support for data manipulation in the form of sorting, filtering, and grouping collections in desktop apps.

WPF Datagrid Virtual On-Demand Skeleton Loading

On-Demand Loading with Data Virtualization

DataCollection enables cursor and paging-based data virtualization for incrementally loading large data sets. Incremental loading, or on-demand loading, is a powerful feature for applications where data is loaded in chunks as the user scrolls down a list in real-time.

Additional Features

Support Observable Data Sources

Support interoperability with existing data sources such as ADO.NET Entity Framework, IBindingListView, and DataTable. With observable sources, such as the ObservableCollection in .NET, notifications get sent when the original data source is modified through editing or filtering.

Easy to Use with Any Control

ComponentOne DataCollection is a compatible data source that can be used with any data-aware control, such as a list view or data grid. This includes the WinForms DataGridView, WPF DataGrid and Xamarin ListView.

Specialized Collections for Different Scenarios

ComponentOne DataCollection offers specialized collection types for specific features: paging, caching, editing, data virtualization and asynchronous server operations.

Real-time Data Updates

Display real-time data updates to your data aware controls using the client-side C1ProxyDataCollection and server-side C1DataCollectionHub libraries that use Signalr to communicate updates.