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Case Studies

Adastra Cut Development Time in Half with Wijmo

Adastra  |  Mar 1, 2021

Wijmo, our high-performing collection of dynamic UI components, enabled Adastra to cut their development time in half and complete projects 90% faster.

Labforward & SpreadJS

Labforward  |  Mar 3, 2020

How the SpreadJS JavaScript spreadsheet component helped a software company create an electronic lab notebook that can optimize the daily life of a scientist by simplifying correct data documentation.

NTT Data Intramart Corporation

NTT Data Intramart Corporation  |  Oct 10, 2019

NTT Data Intramart Corporation has developed and is now selling the common system platform called intra-mart Accel Platform (popularly known as iAP), which allows companies to quickly and affordably build their web systems and thus enhances their efficiency.

Andex, Inc. Develops Apps for Japan's Fishermen

Andex, Inc  |  Aug 25, 2016

Japan's fisheries industry was heavily damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, and fisherman have struggled to bring their 20th-century methods into the 21st century. When a local Sendai software firm, Andex, partnered with communications firm NTT Docomo, the resulting app delivered data that will help the fishermen collect vital data, and save time and money doing it.

Teacher Creates Unit Planner Application

Joseph Szabo, dba SchoolTools  |  Aug 12, 2016

Hi, I'm Joseph Szabo. Until 2001 I worked as a programmer. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 was my primary programming tool, SQL Server and Access were the databases I used, and ActiveReports 2.0 was my favorite reporting tool.

Creating On-Demand Cost Estimating Books with ActiveReports

SDSI Business Systems, Inc.  |  Aug 8, 2016

My name is Jean Barnett, and I have been an active Visual Basic Developer since Visual Basic 1.0 was released. My history with ActiveReports goes back to ActiveReports 1.0 when it was sold by Data Dynamics and delivered on floppy disks.

Data Driven App Goes to Market Quickly with the Help of Data and UI Controls from MESCIUS

SilverLinx Corporation  |  Jun 7, 2016

The world-wide smart phone market has been growing rapidly. Given its growth, the demand of smart phone users to carry their critical data on the go is more apparent than   ever. SilverLinx set out to find a way to create an app to help users manage their data on Windows Phone devices. The goal was to provide a better user interface for critical data when rendered in a smaller phone screen.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Microsoft Dynamics Adds Mobile Controls Powered By Wijmo 5

Microsoft Dynamics CRM  |  May 31, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM strives to deliver an exceptional CRM experience that helps customers manage sales, marketing and customer service. Microsoft has developed mobile CRM apps to make it easy to apply CRM solutions on the go. In preparation for the 2016 update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, they had to be sure that their new mobile capabilities would be easy to use and intuitive. To create the interface, Microsoft turned to Wijmo 5, a collection of JavaScript UI controls by MESCIUS, a Visual Studio partner.

First Free Merchandising SaaS App Developed using Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch and ComponentOne LightSwitch Extensions

Skemaz  |  Aug 5, 2014

In the retail merchandising software and software as a service (SaaS) industry, one company has taken a radical approach by providing a free Retail Merchandising SaaS. Skemaz is a relatively new entrant into the market and they have developed a system that is optimized for modern mobile devices by using Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch and ComponentOne’s Studio for LightSwitch extensions.

Find out why Jeffrey Palermo and the team of Clear Measure turned to ComponentOne when they needed quick and reliable controls

Clear Measure  |  Aug 1, 2014

This video case study showcases how Jeffrey Palermo and the team of Clear Measure used ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch and Wijmo when they created their client's application.

Financial and Equipment Manufacturing Company uses ComponentOne ActiveReports to Build an ERP System for Financial and Manufacturing Companies.

Liao Ning Ju-long Financial Equipment Co. Ltd  |  May 20, 2014

The business of intelligent cash processing\nand circulation management is one that\nmany might not be aware of. In 2004, Liao\nNing Ju-long Financial Equipment Co. Ltd was founded in China and\ntheir product Ju-long Financial Equipment ERP Information System was\ndeveloped for financial and equipment manufacturing companies. The ERP\nInformation System aims to help companies build a real-time information\ndatabase, while optimizing the inventory and business management areas\nfound within organizations.

Correctional Facilities Rely on Software Designed using ActiveReports to Manage Inmate Visitor Access.

Marquis Software  |  May 10, 2014

Today’s correctional institutions are using\ntechnology to improve their day to day\noperations. States including Arkansas,\nWisconsin, Kentucky and California have\nturned to Marquis Software, a development\nsolution provider of enterprise corrections\nsoftware, to manage a project which involves moving from a hand written\nvisitor pass system to a secure automated process. finds ActiveReports Server to be Easy to Integrate and Easy to Use

Firth Babin & Associates Inc.  |  Feb 1, 2014

We found that ActiveReports Server’s approach to using Models for the Business User for simplifying the data to the end user was exactly what we were looking for. This allowed us to provide our customers with a very clear, concise and intuitive way to build reports.

Team Askin Technologies, Inc. (TATI) finds alternative to SQL Server Reporting Services

Team Askin Technologies, Inc. |  Jan 29, 2014

The flexible licensing model and browser-based administration, report design, and report viewing are the most outstanding features. The ability to expose the designer functionality with zero footprint on the client was paramount to successfully deploying the solution in our customer environments.