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.NET Imaging API Examples

Fast, Powerful Imaging API Library for .NET 6+

Document Solutions for Imaging (DsImaging, previously GcImaging) allows you to programmatically apply advanced image processing with zero dependencies.

  • Load and save image files like BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, ICO, SVG, WebP, and PNG
  • Apply advanced processing effects like dithering and thresholding on grayscale and RGB images
  • Draw graphics, add advanced text with full font handling, and paragraph formatting to images
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Deploy locally, inhouse or to Cloud including Azure and AWS
  • Includes a JavaScript Image Viewer to view and edit images on the client-side


A .NET Imaging API is a programming interface that allows developers to programmatically create and manipulate images at scale. Document Solutions for Imaging (DsImaging) is a solution allowing developers to load, process, and save images across many different formats in desktop and web-based applications.

Benefits of a C# .NET Imaging API

Fast and Efficient

Save memory with the small file size and time with the lightweight API architecture. Scalable, flexible, efficient, and fast to handle small and large TIFFs at top speed. Integrate with a JavaScript client-side Image Viewer to load, view, edit and save images.

Image Processor

Meet all the needs of a basic image processor: resize, convert, rotate, and flip images. Create, apply, and align the images in your apps that you need when you need them.

Advanced Image Effects

Convert average images into high-quality, detailed images in less time. Apply advanced image effects like dithering, thresholding effects, half-tone transparencies, resolution editing, grayscale conversion, effects on RGB images, and more.

Text and Graphics

Dynamically enhance your images with logos and text. With extensive font, layout, and graphic support, you can convert your images into branding elements and professional pages.

Full .NET Core Support

Develop for any .NET platform or major operating system like Windows, Linux, and Mac with a single code base. Use in your apps for .NET Core, .NET Framework, Mono, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android.

Image Processing to the Cloud

Be everywhere with cloud-based deployment. With NuGet and DsImaging, you can deploy to Azure, AWS, and AWS Lambda to create services that manage and convert images on the cloud.

Programmatically Compare Images using C# or VB.NET

Image Comparison

Compare images for software testing, image manipulation detection, or comparing shots from security frames. Perform fuzzy image comparisons and generate different images. This tool provides an effective way of comparing a variety of image types.

Render Special CJK Characters on Images

Render Special CJK Characters

Render specific CJK characters on images with advanced support. Special TrueType features such as hinting are used to re-use glyph parts for drawing CJK characters on images.


Apply Effects

Apply advanced imaging effects which includes dithering, thresholding, gray scaling and various RGB effects.

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Seamless HTML to Image Rendering with .NET Image API

Seamless HTML to Image Rendering

Effortlessly transform web content into images with DsImaging. Render URLs or HTML strings into images, free from GPL/LGPL software dependencies. Streamline your workflow by using a single browser instance to render multiple pages, all while maintaining the flexibility to modify or replace HTML page content.

Manage User Profile Photos in Your Apps with a .NET Imaging API

Manage Profile Photos in Your Apps

Elevate your app's visual appeal with DsImaging. Convert user profile photos to eye-catching grayscale or sepia tones, apply stunning effects to images, resize and crop with precision, export to popular image formats, and even add a sleek round clip for a polished look.

Handle Images on Any Device or System

Handle Images on Any Device or System

DsImaging allows users to optimize images for various devices or systems, ensuring they look great regardless of the screen's color depth. From mobile phones to legacy systems, users can generate images that will display flawlessly.

.NET Imaging API Supports BlendMode, Background Bitmap and Transparency Mask

BlendMode, Background Bitmap and Transparency Mask

BitmapRenderer class provides BlendMode, BackgroundBitmap and TransparencyMaskBitmap objects to draw graphics, text, images interacting with the background items on GcBitmapGraphics object.


Our Top C# .NET Imaging API Features

Get Started with a .NET Imaging API

Quick Start

In this tutorial, we create a real-life scenario with Document Solutions for Imaging to give you a fundamental understanding of what it can do.

Generate Thumbnails using a .NET Imaging API

Create Thumbnails

Downscale Images, and Apply various interpolation algorithms and create thumbnails of any size.

Draw Text on Images in C# / VB.NET

Draw Text on Images

Support advanced text layout engine with full font support, text processing, layout and formatting follows Unicode standards.

Programmatically Convert Images

Convert Images

Easily convert images, including photos and pictures, into popular image formats like BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and JPG.

Modify Images Programmatically in .NET Applications

Modify Images

Explore Bitmap transformations, creating thumbnails, enlarging images, indexing, and round clipping.

Programmatically Create Multi-Frame ICO

Create Icons (ICO)

Create a multi-frame ICO from a large PNG, Read a multi-frame ICO file, and render all frames along the diagonal of the resulting image.

Programmatically Convert HTML to Image formats

HTML to Images

Easily render HTML content to images with DsImaging and DsHtml library. Save HTML as JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, or GIF.


Document Solutions Image Viewer

Integrate with client-side image viewer to load, view, edit and save images.

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Apply Image Effects Programmatically using a .NET Imaging API


Learn more about how you can alter brightness and contrast, saturation, dithering, grayscale, thresholding, and more.

Draw Shapes, Add Watermarks, and More in C# with a .NET Imaging API


Draw Shapes and Round Rectangles with custom gradients, use clipping paths, add various watermarks, and more.

Compare Images using a .NET Imaging API

Image Comparison

Compare two similar images with minor differences, PNG vs JPEG, text rendered with TrueType font hinting, and more.

Create Animated GIFs in .NET C#

Animated GIFs

Create an animated GIF from JPG images, convert true color frames of your animated GIF to an indexed 8bpp, and more.

Apply Image Effects in C#

Additional Imaging Effects

Convert full-Colored images to indexed images with a palette, or apply color matrix and transparency masks to images.

Read and Write TIFF Frames with a .NET Imaging API

Advanced TIFF Processing

Read and write TIFF frames quickly and easily. In addition, apply TIFF compression and color spaces and support tiled, planar, and differencing storage methods.

Create Images with Complex Table Layouts in C# .NET Applications

Create Tables with Complex Layouts

Make use of new TableRenderer API to create tables with complex layout, merge cells, rotate text direction in cells and draw custom content in the cells.

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Programmatically Extract Metadata from Images using a .NET Imaging API

Extract EXIF Metadata

Extract all EXIF metadata from images, including time taken, shutter speed, focal length, light value, location, flash, title, creator, date, description, and copyright.

Redner Text on Images using C# in .NET Apps


Perform text rendering, trimming, antialiasing, and TrueType hinting. Explore our Japanese and Arabic language packs.

Programmatically render slanted text using a .NET Imaging API

Render Slanted Text

Draw slanted text in slanted rectangles using GcGraphics class.

Programmatically draw rotated text on images using a .NET Imaging API

Draw Rotated Text

Use GcGraphics class methods to render rotated text in unrotated rectangle.

Create a Multi-Frame TIFF using C# and VB.NET


Create a multi-frame TIFF with different images and dithering methods, extract frames from a TIFF, and more.

Programmatically Load and Save Images in WebP Format

WebP Format

Load and Save images in WebP Format. (Each sample in demo browser has a WebP format tab.

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Draw Text and Images using a .NET Imaging API


Draw complex text and images with DsImaging.Skia library.

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Imaging Features in .NET Apps


Compose images with blending modes, reduce image color depth without loss of quality, swap color channels in an image, and more.

Draw SVG to Raster Images in C#/VB.NET using a .NET Imaging API

Draw SVG to Raster Images

Load, inspect, and modify the internal structure of SVG images, render SVG on PDF document and images.


Document Solutions Image Viewer

Cross-Platform JavaScript Image Viewer

Check out the image editing tools: crop, resize, selection, flip, rotate and other awesome features in Document Solutions Image Viewer (DsImageViewer); helping you create a full-featured workflow to load, edit and save images in your applications.

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Explore the Advanced Features of the .NET Imaging API

Explore the Advanced Features of a .NET Imaging API

Your full-fledged ASP.NET Core sample browser includes all significant features, real-time image files, and use-cases. Download individual .NET Core samples that can run as a standalone. Demos include full sample code with comments to quickly bring you on board with Document Solution for Imaging. The demos now use the new Document Solutions Image Viewer. Click the button below to learn more.


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