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    Save Image
    In This Topic

    DsImaging allows you to save images in various formats, such as JPEG, PNG, BMP etc. Each of these formats have a dedicated method as shown below:

    Format Method
    JPEG (with specified quality) SaveAsJpeg
    PNG SaveAsPng
    BMP SaveAsBmp
    TIFF SaveAsTiff
    GIF SaveAsGif
    SVG ToSvgDocument (For more information, see Work with SVG Files)
    ICO Save (For more information, see Work with ICO Files)
    WebP SaveAsWebP (For more information, see Work with WebP Files)

    Each of these methods has two overloads, one saves the image in a file and other saves the image in a stream.

    Copy Code
    // Save image
    // Save image using stream
    Note: For rendering large or complex text and graphics, you can use Skia library. For more information about the library and its usage, see Render using Skia Library