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JavaScript Image Viewer - Document Solutions Image Viewer

Cross-Platform JavaScript Image Viewer

Allow users to view and edit images in your web applications with our JavaScript image viewer. 

  • Multiple image formats supported
  • Works in all modern browsers and frameworks, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, React, Preact, Vue, and Angular
  • Crop, resize, flip and rotate images
  • Select parts of an image to cut, copy, and paste
  • Draw freehand strokes/text on images using paint/text tools
  • Enhance images by applying filter effects
  • Plugin support to add or remove image editing tools
  • Save modified image files on the client
  • Included with Document Solutions for Imaging
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The Document Solutions Image Viewer (DsImageViewer) is a JavaScript component that allows developers to view and edit image files across browsers using major JavaScript frameworks.

Benefits of a JavaScript Image Viewer


A cross-platform solution to view image files on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices in all modern browsers.

Multiple Image Formats Supported

View, edit, and save multiple image formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, ICO, WEBP, SVG, and BMP. Also, navigate between frames for multi-frame GIF and TIFF images.

Plugin Support

Add or remove edit functionalities to a JavaScript image viewer as per user requirement through various plugins such as Page Tools and Image Filters.

Web Framework Support

Embed the image viewer in any of the major web frameworks–Angular, Vue, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, React, and Preact.

Integrate with Document Solutions for Imaging (DsImaging)

Utilize the power of our server-side API. With DsImaging and the client-side JavaScript image viewer, you can create a new image or edit an existing one.

Supported Editor Features

Edit and modify existing image files by using various edit options such as crop, resize, rotate, flip and even apply image filters or draw text and freehand strokes on images.

Rotate Images

Rotate images and select the best angle to showcase the image. Simply click through to rotate images, find the most suitable angle, and then save the rotated image.


Flip Images

Use the tool to flip an image horizontally or vertically to improve the quality of the image, or find a better view of the image.

Select, Cut, Copy and Paste images within the JavaScript Image Editor and Viewer

Select, Cut, Copy and Paste

Select, Cut, Copy and Paste images within the Image Editor. The selection tool supports 4 types of tools for selection - Rectangular Marquee, Elliptical Marquee, Lasso tool and Polygonal Lasso tool.

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Apply Image Filters - JavaScript Image Viewer/Editor

Apply Image Filters

Transform the image looks by applying filters including Brightness, Contrast, Vibrance, Saturation, Grayscale, Invert, OffsetBlue and Retro Violet. Set Intensity of the filter, preview the image or apply/cancel Filter effect.

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Resize Images

Resize any image to make it a fit your needs while maintaining or ignoring the aspect ratio.

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Draw Free-hand Strokes

Use the paint tool to draw free-hand strokes on images or erase a part of the image. It even provides the clone stamp tool to clone image regions.

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Clone Image Region

The paint tool provides a clone stamp option to copy image regions and draw them on other parts of the image.

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Add Text Over Images

The Text tool can be used to add text with different fonts and sizes to an existing image, providing additional information via image.

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Explore the Advanced Features of a JavaScript Image Viewer

Each main feature demo link listed below contains several demos that show how to use a particular feature. Click a link to learn more.

Image Viewer and Editor

View and edit image files along with options to undo or redo the edits.


Learn More

Multiple Image Formats

Work with multiple image formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, ICO, SVG, WEBP.

Learn more

Zoom Settings

Use the zoom dropdown to set pre-defined zoom options or the zoom textbox to specify a custom zoom value.


Paint Tools

Draw free-hand strokes over images and copy image regions from one part of image to other.

Learn More

Text Tools

Draw text with different fonts and sizes on an existing image.

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Page Tools

Explore Image Viewer Page Tools to crop, resize, rotate and flip images.

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Image Filters

Enhance the image appearance by applying various filters provided by Image Viewer.

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Multiple DsImageViewer Instances

Render multiple instances of DsImageViewer on the same web page to cater to needs for specific images or users.

Learn More

Custom Plugin

Define custom plugin to add a user-defined functionality to Image Viewer UI options.

Learn more

Create New Images

Create new images from scratch using the extensive DsImageViewer client-side API.

Learn More

Custom Undo Command

Advance the user experience by adding a custom undo command to the list of built-in undo actions.

Learn More

Draw On Existing Images

Draw on top of existing images using the extensive DsImageViewer client-side API.

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Select, Cut, Copy, Paste Image Parts

Select specific regions using various options in Selection tool, cut, copy, paste image parts or paint within the selected regions.

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Document Solutions Image Viewer’s Licensing

The Document Solutions Image Viewer (DsImageViewer)'s license is included with the purchase of Document Solutions for Imaging and comes with all features, including image viewing, editing, and more.

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