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Correctional Facilities Rely on Software Designed using ActiveReports to Manage Inmate Visitor Access.

Case Study  |  May 10, 2014  |  Marquis Software

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Case Study

Today’s correctional institutions are using technology to improve their day to day operations. States including Arkansas, Wisconsin, Kentucky and California have turned to Marquis Software, a development solution provider of enterprise corrections software, to manage a project which involves moving from a hand written visitor pass system to a secure automated process.

When an individual elects to visit an incarcerated person in a state or federal penitentiary, they are subject to an extensive approval process and are given strict guidelines for planning the visit. Upon arrival, one of the steps the visitor will go through is a obtaining a pass that will act as their identification card and grant them access to select areas of the prison.

Marquis Software created a software program that automates the collection of information such as the inmates name, location, and custody classification. This information along with the name of the visitor, their relationship to the inmate along with any alerts is then generated into a sophisticated report, using a product named ActiveReports.

Visitor's Pass

Marquis Software Developer, Andy Roberts detailed that, “Any visitor who enters the prison needs printed passes for identification and security purposes. When a visitor enters the prison, first he/she goes through a metal detector for security. Next they go to a kiosk and swipe their ID and verify their finger-print to ensure that the person trying to enter the prison is an approved visitor. If the person is verified, ActiveReports is then used to produce a report for the visitor and then print a visitor pass for them to carry into the prison and keep with them at all times. At the same time, this pass for the visitor is also printed at another Customer Spotlight C1 Customer Spotlight: Marquis 2 location within the prison for security/administration personnel. When the visitor leaves they are fingerprinted again and compared to their pass to make sure the correct person is trying to leave.”

ActiveReports, a .NET reporting tool from ComponentOne, offered Marquis a wide collection of reporting features ranging from various report layouts and controls, printing and export options, report viewers and a comprehensive set of API for full customization of their reporting solution. These controls provided Marquis the functionality they needed to develop the visitor pass application as part of their larger scale eMOIS system. “By using ActiveReports we were able to fully integrate the project within our existing .NET environment,” said Roberts. “ActiveReports gives us the ability to design, compile and specify the printing options for the visitor passes.”

The visitors pass system developed using ActiveReports was designed to be an integral component of the overall daily operations. “The interactivity of the controls within ActiveReports permitted us to meet the security and administration requirement for dual printing of passes, each at a different location,” said Roberts.

Roberts estimates in Kentucky and Arkansas, close to 4500 reports are generated each day. “We will continue to use the ActiveReports product with all of our projects where we need a .NET reporting solution. The product has been able to provide us with all the functionality we need.”

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