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    Licensing Overview
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    Licensing protects intellectual property by ensuring that users are authorized to use software products. It is not only used to prevent illegal distribution of software products but also to allow potential users to test products before they decide to purchase them. Many software vendors, including MESCIUS, use licensing because without licensing, this type of distribution would not be practical for the vendor or convenient for the user.

    ComponentOne Licensing Model

    MESCIUS inc., publishes the ComponentOne, which has a licensing model based on the standard set by Microsoft .NET Framework. As of July 2020 (ComponentOne version 2020 v2), the licensing model works the same across all .NET platforms.

    When you first install any ComponentOne product, a trial license is installed that allows you to develop with the controls for 30 days. For more information, see Evaluation License.

    When you purchase a product license you will get a serial key. For most licensing scenarios, all you need to do is activate your serial key. For more information, see Licensing Process.

    A ComponentOne license entitles you to one year of upgrades, including bug fixes and new features. After one year, you are no longer entitled to updates, but you may continue to use the products received with your ComponentOne subscription after your subscription has expired. More information on the ComponentOne subscription model, see ComponentOne Licensing FAQs.

    To know about the terms and conditions of EULA for MESCIUS software, see End-User License Agreement For MESCIUS Software.