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    DataCollection Overview
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    ComponentOne DataCollection is a cross-platform .NET standard library that acts as a powerful tool for manipulating and loading data that can be bound to a data-aware control. The DataCollection library consistently manages data sets in your .NET Core, Windows Forms, WPF, UWP, Blazor and Xamarin mobile apps. To put it simply, C1DataCollection does the job of wrapping the data, and makes it easy for the developer to provide operations such as filtering, sorting, grouping and on-demand loading with virtualization. The library offers the C1DataCollection class that implements the IDataCollection interface for supporting virtualization, filtering, grouping and sorting operations in your data collection.

    The image shows a flowchart showing the working of datacollection.

    The DataCollection library is empowered to handle huge sets of data with virtualization and perform the most common data transformations. Further, C1DataCollection supports interoperability with existing data sources such as ADO.NET Entity Framework, IBindingListView and DataTable.

    Key Features

    DataCollection offers many advanced features beyond simple data management. These features are listed below:

    Note: The C1.DataCollection assembly contains all the abstractions as well as in-memory implementations, and is required for all platforms. The C1.DataCollection.EntityFrameworkCoreC1.DataCollection.AdoNet and C1.DataCollection.BindingList assemblies allow connecting with other standard data structures.

    The platform specific connectors for the different platforms are given below.

    WinForms: C1.Win.DataCollection          

    WPF: C1.WPF.DataCollection

    UWP: C1.UWP.DataCollection

    Android: C1.Android.DataCollection

    iOS: C1.iOS.DataCollection

    Mac: C1.Mac.DataCollection