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.NET Text Parser

Extract and Parse Data Efficiently with a Smart .NET Text Parser

ComponentOne TextParser enables you to efficiently integrate data from semi-structured sources, such as emails and invoices, into your workflows.

  • Extract data from plain text or HTML files
  • Store extracted data in a table of records or transfer it to another system
  • Extract repeated data using a variety of techniques, including templates
  • Use the .NET text parser across your desktop applications or web services

TextParser is available in Data Services Edition.

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Why Choose ComponentOne TextParser?

Efficiently Parse Text

Efficiently Parse Text

Smart text extractors help work around unique file types by ignoring extra characters.

Extract Information

Extract Information for Enhanced BI

Reading and storing information from semi-structured files lets you analyze or use it in different ways.

Improve Information Workflows

Improve Information Workflows

Automate the process for extracting important information repeatedly and improve efficiency.

.NET Text Parser Key Features

Extractors for Semi-Structured Files

Extractors for Semi-Structured Files

The ComponentOne TextParser library supports three different extractors for different scenarios including plain text and a specialized HTML extractor.

Expression-based Matching

Expression-based Matching

Extraction can occur along matched regular expressions, after a matched word or phrase, or using a defined script.

JSON Output

JSON Output

Format the extraction result as JSON or an object instance from a custom class.

.NET Text Parser Extractor Types

.NET Text Parser Starts After Extractor

Starts-After-Continues-Until Extractor

The Starts-After-Continues-Until Extractor is the simplest and the easiest to use as it's designed with the purpose of extracting relevant text from a plain text source. Define two parameters to use: where the text starts and where it ends. TextParser extracts the text contained between the occurrences of two regular expressions.

.NET Text Parser Template Extractor

Template-based Extractor

The template-based Extractor is the most generic, as it allows users to parse data structures following a declarative XML template. Since the template can be provided as a separate file, it allows users to provide both the template and source to parse.

.NET Text Parser HTML Extractor

HTML Extractor

The HTML Extractor is designed to help automate the process of extracting specific data from emails and other HTML-structured files. Automated emails, such as travel itineraries, tickets, and e-commerce receipts, typically follow a repeated structure. This structure is parsed using the .NET text parser, even if every email does not follow the exact same HTML structure.

See All You Can Do With .NET Text Parser

Extract Product Information from Websites

The .NET text parser is designed to extract data from e-commerce websites like The HTML Extractor is specialized for complex HTML documents by allowing unexpected characters within the markup.

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Extract Important Information from Emails

Emails tend to follow a predictable HTML structure which makes it possible for predictable and automatic parsing. Through the .NET text parser individual pieces of information, such as item details, vendor info, and costs, can be extracted and recorded as fields which can then be recorded or analyzed.

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Paste Rich Formatted Hyperlinks in Text Editors

When users paste a hyperlink into your application, wouldn't it be great if the link was formatted into a readable link? Or how about links converted to text as you type? You can achieve all of this with our .NET text parser.
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Improve Productivity with Smart Tags

Smart Tags are used to identify common elements in text, like phone numbers, dates and addresses, and provide users with quick actions. You can use our .NET text parser to identify such elements and implement your own smart tag system.
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Process Resumes for Digital Analysis

Resumes are often formatted in a predictable manner that allows them to be easily read by a machine that parses out important information. When a company receives hundreds of resumes, manual processing can be tedious and time-consuming. The .NET text parser can analyze and narrow down candidate applications by parsing out key requirements.

Extract Invoice Totals

Whether by email or report, you can use the .NET text parser anytime you receive an invoice that has a similar repeated structure. Store the extracted invoice totals and pass it to another destination, such as a budgeting application.
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.NET Text Parser Demos

TextParser Explorer

See how you can extract data from plain text or HTML files, such as emails and invoices.

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Email Parser Demo

This demo shows how to build a runtime email parser on the web.

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