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Spread.NET v14.2 Has Arrived

We are happy to announce the new Spread.NET v14.2 release! This second service pack features customer-requested enhancements, performance optimizations, and bug fixes for reported issues, including the following:

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Frozen Trailing Stick-To-Edge Option

This customer-requested feature enhancement affects the layout of frozen trailing columns and rows. These columns are always displayed on the right side, or on the left if RightToLeft is true. Rows appear on the bottom, as shown here:


(Figure 1) A worksheet with 2 frozen trailing rows and 2 frozen trailing columns

This new feature allows you to set a new property, FpSpread.FrozenTrailingStickToEdge.


(Figure 2) The new FrozenTrailingStickToEdge property

This property specifies how these frozen trailing columns and rows should be displayed when the worksheet is scrolled all the way to the right (or left when RightToLeft is true) or all the way to the bottom, or both.

By default, FrozenTrailingStickToEdge is Both, which keeps the frozen trailing columns and rows aligned on the right (or left when RightToLeft is true) and bottom of the control's client area:


(Figure 3) The worksheet above shows FrozenTrailingStickToEdge = Both

When you set FrozenTrailingStickToEdge to None, the frozen trailing columns and rows are displayed immediately after the last non-frozen column or row, rather than keeping those columns and rows aligned at the edge:


(Figure 4) A worksheet with FrozenTrailingStickToEdge = None

Frozen Line Color

As another customer-requested feature enhancement, the Frozen Line Color lets you specify a color for the lines drawn between the non-scrollable and scrollable areas of the worksheet.

This property, by default, is set to Color.Empty, with no frozen lines displayed. The Frozen Line Color is unavailable at design-time and is exposed through the IWorkbook interface (IWorksheet.Options.FrozenLineColor). Here is an example showing the above-pictured worksheet with FrozenTrailingStickToEdge = Both and FrozenLineColor = Color.Black:

frozen line color

(Figure 5) FrozenLineColor = Color.Black

Clipboard Paste To Visible Cells Only

This feature improvement is only available when using the new RichClipboard enhancement added in v14.


(Figure 6) FpSpread.Features.RichClipboard = true

RichClipboard is not enabled by default, so users must explicitly enable it to operate a paste to visible cells. To enable pasting to visible cells alone, you must also set the property PasteSkipInvisibleRange = true. This property is unavailable at design-time and must be set in code using the IWorkbook interface with the FpSpread.AsWorkbook() method:


PasteSkipInvisibleRange (C#)

fpSpread1.AsWorkbook().Features.PasteSkipInvisibleRange = true;


PasteSkipInvisibleRange (VB)

fpSpread1.AsWorkbook().Features.PasteSkipInvisibleRange = True

This feature is helpful when working with tables or ranges with filtered-out rows. When enabled, selecting a range of cells in the filtered table or range will copy only the visible cells, and pasting to a filtered table or range will paste only to the visible cells in the table or range.

Hide Outline For Row and Column Groups

The Hide Outline For Row and Column Groups feature allows users to hide the outline for row and/or column outline groups. It also removes the user's ability to expand or collapse the outline row and/or column groups while the outline is hidden.

To hide the outline, set the new property FpSpread.ShowOutline:


(Figure 7) FpSpread.ShowOutline property

Display the outline when ShowOutline is set to Both. The user can then expand and collapse the outline range groups, as shown below:


(Figure 8) The outline range groups with ShowOutline = Both

When ShowOutline is set to None, the outline sections are not displayed.


(Figure 9) Outline range groups are hidden when ShowOutline = None

You can also display only the outline row groups or only the outline column groups using ShowOutline.

And that's it! Try Spread.NET v14.2 today and comment below on what you want to see from Spread.NET next.

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Sean Lawyer

Sean Lawyer

Product Manager
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