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Spread.NET v16.2 is Released! release

We are happy to announce the release of Spread.NET v16.2.20231.0 (SP2). This release includes important fixes for customer-reported issues:

  • The FarPoint.Localization.dll would be missing after installing version 16.

  • An InvalidOperationException would occur when binding data to Spread.

  • Superscripts that were set via the Spread Designer would not be maintained.

  • An ExcecutionEngineException would be triggered in certain circumstances.

  • ToIndex would always return 1.

  • The move indicator for multi rows/columns would not move correctly in certain circumstances.

Review Spread.NET’s documentation to explore its extensive range of features, and download the demo explorer to see these features in action and interact with the sample code.

Download a trial of the latest Spread.NET release today!


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