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Spread.NET V11 Released

Spread.NET 11 is here!

I'm happy to announce that the new release of Spread.NET 11 (formerly Spread Studio) is now available! All developer licenses for Spread.NET 11 now also include a full year of maintenance support.

This release features many important changes to the Windows Forms controls, all focused around improved performance and memory footprint, along with many other enhancements to make this the most powerful spreadsheet user interface control ever released.

Performance Improvements

Spread.NET can handle your biggest, most complex spreadsheets, faster than ever before, and using less memory too – performance improvements up to 80% faster and using a fraction of the memory! Spread.NET 11 can import, export, and calculate your Excel documents faster than ever before.

Performance Speed Comparison

Performance Memory Comparison

462 functions now available

We've added more than 130 new calculation functions, bringing the total number to 462, more than any other spreadsheet solution. New support for array formulas (entered using Ctrl+Shift+Enter) enable advanced matrix and array calculations. The new CircularFormula event fires to inform the developer when the user enters a formula which creates a circular reference.

Array Formulas Now Supported

Workbook Protection Support

New workbook protection support allows you to set a password to protect the workbook structure and prevent the user from deleting or reordering sheets.

Set Workbook Protect Password

Cell validators and enhanced data validation

New cell validators and enhanced data validation support provide powerful new options to enforce user data entry requirements, and save and load data validations in Excel documents.

New Cell Validators Support

Drag-fill enhancements

New drag-fill enhancements implement Excel-like copy-fill and series-fill in the user interface, with full support for undo-redo.

Drag-Fill UI Enhancement

Printing Enhancements

New printing enhancements include full support for printer settings built into the print preview user interface.

Enhanced Print Preview

HyperLinkCellType Supports Sort and Filter

By popular request, the new enhanced HyperLinkCellType can now work well with sort and filter features.

New API with Document Properties

Finally, we have added new API to get and set the document properties (Title, Subject, Author, Manager, Company, etc.).

Document Properties

ASP.NET Enhancements

Command Bar Buttons for PDF and Excel

The Spread.NET controls for ASP.NET support new command bar buttons for PDF export and Excel document export, with password options.

New PDF and Excel document export buttons

Move Rows Directly in the UI

ASP.NET controls now support moving rows directly in the user interface using drag-drop from a header cell.


Server Command Events in the Touch Menu

New server command events for Spread ASP.NET are supported for the touch menu interface.

Touch menu

Touch menu server command events

Download the new Spread.NET 11 evaluation and start your FREE 30 day trial, and exercise the unparalleled power of the Spread.NET API in your applications today!

Get Spread.NET 11

Sean Lawyer

Sean Lawyer

Product Manager
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