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    Work with FlexGrid
    In This Topic

    This section comprises all the features and auxiliary functionalities offered by FlexGrid.

    Learn how to work with columns in FlexGrid.
    Custom Cell Template
    Learn how to set the custom cell templates in a column of FlexGrid.
    Custom Editors
    Learn how to add custom editors in FlexGrid.
    Data Binding
    Learn about different types of data binding in FlexGrid.
    Data Map
    Learn how to create data mapping in FlexGrid.
    Detail Row
    Learn how to enable Detail Row in FlexGrid.
    Disable Server Reading
    Learn how to disable server reading in FlexGrid.
    Learn batch and excel style editing in FlexGrid.
    Excel Import and Export
    Learn how to export or import FlexGrid content to/from an Excel xlsx file.
    Excel RTL Export
    Learn how to export grid to Excel (.xlsx) file with Right-To-Left content.
    PDF Export
    Learn how to export FlexGrid to PDF file.
    Exclusive Value Search
    Learn how to include exclusive value search in FlexGrid.
    Learn how to enable Filtering in FlexGrid.
    FlexGrid Selector
    Learn how to use FlexGrid Selector.
    Full Text Search
    Learn how to perform full text search in FlexGrid.
    Case-sensitive Search
    Learn how to perform case-sensitive search in FlexGrid.
    Learn how to group data in FlexGrid at runtime and through code.
    Keyboard Handling
    Learn ways to provide keyboard support in MVC applications using FlexGrid.
    Learn how to enable Merging in the FlexGrid.
    Learn how to enable Paging using Pager control in FlexGrid.
    Right To Left Rendering
    Learn how to use in-built functionality of rendering in FlexGrid.
    Selection Modes
    Learn how to set the selection mode in FlexGrid.
    Star Sizing
    Learn how to apply star sizing to the columns of FlexGrid.
    Learn how to enable TreeView in FlexGrid.
    Unbound FlexGrid
    Learn how to set the data by adding code to the client side using JavaScript and AJAX.
    Unobtrusive Validation
    Learn how to validate data using unobtrusive validation
    Virtual Scrolling
    Learn how to enable Virtual Scrolling in FlexGrid.