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    Chart Animation
    In This Topic

    The ShowAnimation property allows chart animation while loading and updating it. The animation can be configured by the user through several properties that include duration, easing function, and animation mode.

    MVC FlexChart animation

    The following code example demonstrates how to enable Chart Animation using several properties such as duration, easing, and animation mode. This example uses the Fruit class available in the MVCExplorer product sample at "Documents\ComponentOne Samples\ASP.NET MVC\vx.x.x\MVC\CS\MvcExplorer\Models" location on your system.

    Controller Code

    1. Include the following reference in the code:
      using <ApplicationName>.Models;
    2. Add the following code:
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      public ActionResult Index()
          return View(Fruit.GetFruitsSales());

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    @using <ApplicationName>.Models
    @model IEnumerable<Fruit>
    .Series(sers =>
    .ShowAnimation(ca => ca.AnimationMode(AnimationMode.All).AxisAnimation(true).Duration(1000).Easing(Easing.Linear))

    Chart Animation Properties

    You can make use of the following properties to enable animation in your charts.

    Name Type Description
    AnimationMode Animation Mode Gets or sets whether the plot points animate one at a time, series by series, or all at once. The whole animation is still completed within the duration.
    Axis Animation Boolean Gets or sets a value indicating whether animation is applied to the axis.
    Duration Integer Gets or sets the length of entire animation in milliseconds.
    Easing Easing Gets or sets the easing function applied to the animation.

    AnimationMode Enumeration

    You can use the AnimationMode to apply the animation to the Points, Series or both.

    Name Description
    All All points and series are animated at once.
    Point Animation is performed point by point. Multiple series are animated simultaneously at the same time.
    Series Animation is performed series by series. Entire series is animated at once, following the same animation as the "All" option, but just one series at a time.