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    Work with FlexChart
    In This Topic

    This section comprises all the features and auxiliary functionalities offered by FlexChart.

    Learn to add annotations in FlexChart.
    Chart Animation
    Learn how chart animation works in FlexChart.
    Chart Gestures
    Learn how to enable chart gesture for zooming and panning modes.
    Chart Gradient
    Learn how to add gradient colors in FlexChart
    Customize Appearance
    Learn how to customize the appearance of the data points in FlexChart.
    Customize Axes
    Learn how to customize X and Y axes of FlexChart.
    Function Series
    Learn how to use Y function series with FlexChart.
    Header and Footer
    Learn how to add header and footer in FlexChart and add header and footer styles as well.
    Hit Test
    Learn how to display the X, Y coordinate values and index of the hit point using simple labels.
    Learn how to add labels to the FlexChart.
    Learn how to display legend in FlexChart.
    Learn how to add vertical line markers and marker content to the FlexChart.
    Mixed Charts
    Learn how to add multiple chart series with different ChartTypes to the FlexChart.
    Multiple Axes
    Learn how to add multiple Y axes to the FlexChart.
    Plot Areas
    Learn how to create plot areas in FlexChart.
    Range Selector
    Learn how to display thumb values using a range selector on FlexChart.
    Learn how to select elements of FlexChart.
    Learn about Waterfall, ErrorBar and BoxWhisker series and customizing their appearance.
    Learn how to add tooltip in FlexChart.
    Learn how to add a trend line to FlexChart.