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    Licensing is a way to protect intellectual property by ensuring that users are authorized to use MESCIUS products in their software. For details on licensing, please refer MESCIUS Licensing information. You can also check our website for the same.

    You can license your ASP.NET MVC applications using the following two ways:

    Adding License File Manually

    1. In the Solution Explorer, right click the project name and select Add | New Item. The New Item dialog appears.
    2. In the New Item dialog, select C# | General and select Text File in the right pane.
    3. Name the text file as licenses.licx.
    4. Paste the following code in the text file:
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      C1.Web.Mvc.LicenseDetector, C1.Web.Mvc
    5. Few additional steps may be required for using FinancialChart, FlexSheet, MultiRow, FlexViewer, OLAP, TransposedGrid and TransposedMultiRow controls in your application. In the licenses.licx file, press enter after C1.Web.Mvc.LicenseDetector, C1.Web.Mvc, and paste the following code:
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      C1.Web.Mvc.Finance.LicenseDetector, C1.Web.Mvc.Finance
      C1.Web.Mvc.Sheet.LicenseDetector, C1.Web.Mvc.FlexSheet
      C1.Web.Mvc.Viewer.LicenseDetector, C1.Web.Mvc.FlexViewer
      C1.Web.Mvc.Olap.LicenseDetector, C1.Web.Mvc.Olap
      C1.Web.Mvc.MultiRow.LicenseDetector, C1.Web.Mvc.MultiRow
      C1.Web.Mvc.TransposedGrid.LicenseDetector, C1.Web.Mvc.TransposedGrid
      C1.Web.Mvc.TransposedMultiRow.LicenseDetector, C1.Web.Mvc.TransposedMultiRow