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    Mixed Charts
    In This Topic

    You can add multiple series to your charts and set a different ChartType for all the series. Such charts are helpful in analyzing complex chart data on a single canvas. The same data can be used with different visualizations or related data can be displayed together to convey trends.

    The following image shows a FlexChart with multiple series.

    The following code example demonstrates how to add multiple chart series with different ChartTypes to the FlexChart.

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    <c1-flex-chart binding-x="Name" chart-type="ChartType.Column" >
        <c1-items-source source-collection="Model"></c1-items-source>
        <c1-flex-chart-series binding="SalesInUSA" name="Sales in USA" chart-type="ChartType.Column"> </c1-flex-chart-series>
        <c1-flex-chart-series binding="SalesInJapan" name="Sales in Japan" chart-type="ChartType.Line"> </c1-flex-chart-series>
        <c1-flex-chart-series binding="SalesInChina" name="Sales in China" chart-type="ChartType.Spline">