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    Section Report
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    When you work on Section Reports in ActiveReports Designer, you get a toolbox group with a set of report controls that can be used to create section reports. These controls can be easily dragged from the toolbox and dropped on to the reports. All the controls in the toolbox have been designed to help you create purposeful section reports.

    The following controls are most commonly used to create Section Reports:


    Learn how to use BarCode control in Section Reports and choose from several barcode styles available.


    Learn about using Chart data region for a graphical presentation of data in a report. There are numerous chart types that you can use to easily design and render data.

    Note that in WebDesigner, Chart data region is not supported in design-time. Classic Charts (charts in older versions) are converted to new charts showing notification for same when reports with classic charts are loaded in ActiveReports 15 WebDesigner and later. Unsupported classic charts such as Renko and Kagi are converted to column chart.


    Learn how to use checkbox in Section Reports.

    Cross Section Controls

    Learn about cross section controls and how to use them in section reports.


    Learn how to use InputFieldCheckBox control in Section Reports.


    Learn how to use InputFieldText report control for editable text fields in an exported PDF reports.


    Learn how to use labels in Section Reports to display descriptive text for controls.


    Learn how to use lines to draw boundaries or highlights specific areas in a report.


    Learn about adding an OLE object, bound to a database or unbound, directly to your report. Note that the OleObject control is not displayed in the toolbox by default, because it is obsolete, and is only available for backward compatibility.


    Learn how to use Picture control and displays images files on the screen in section reports.

    Report Info

    Learn how to use the ReportInfo control to quickly display page numbers, page counts and report dates in section reports.


    Learn how to use the RichTextBox control to enter rich text in the form of formatted text, tables, hyperlinks, images, etc. in section reports.


    Learn how to use shapes in section reports.


    Learn how to use the subreport control to connect the separate report to the subreport control in section reports.


    Learn how to use textbox control in Section Reports.