ActiveReports 17 .NET Edition
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In This Topic
    Design Section Reports
    In This Topic

    ActiveReports .NET Designer supports designing successful section reports driven by data.


    • We recommend specifying the CrossPlatform compatibility mode for all new reports. The CrossPlatform compatibility mode is the only available mode in the WebDesigner.
    • We also recommend specifying the virtual printer setting for all new reports by adding this script to any new Section report:
      1. Switch to the Script tab.
      2. Add the ReportStart event.
      3. Add this code inside the ReportStart event:
        this.Document.Printer.PrinterName = "";

    This section covers a wide range of topics to re-mould data into meaningful insights:


    Learn about the structure of section reports.

    Report Settings Dialog

    Learn about setting the report margins, printer settings, styles, and design layout of a report.

    Aggregates Calculations

    Learn what expressions and aggregates are supported in section reports. 

    Display Page Numbers and Report Dates

    Learn about using the ReportInfo control in section reports.

    Date, Time, and Number Formatting

    Learn about formatting in section reports.


    Learn about adding interactive features in section reports.


    Learn how to use C# or VB script in section reports.

    Report Events

    Learn how to use events to control report behavior.

    Tutorials: Report Controls in Section Reports

    Learn how to design the Section reports in the Report Designer from scratch using tutorials.

    Tutorials: Section Report Scenarios

    Learn how to create commonly-used section reports using tutorials.