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    Custom Parameters View
    In This Topic

    The Parameters View/Panel can be designed in Report Designer using the exclusive set of controls to create and define parameters and prompts quickly. The controls include input controls like text editor, number editor, heading, and plain text; range editors like date range and date-time range; and list and dropdown editors.

    On previewing the report, the customized parameters view/panel is shown in the Parameter Panel of the viewer on preview.

    Design a Parameters View

     Design a Parameter Panel

    The reference to AcmeStore.rdlx will be taken.

    1. Go to the Parameters tab at the top.
    2. Create the custom parameters view for the report by clicking the Generate View button in the toolbar or clicking the Generate button in the center of the designer
      If the report already has pre-defined report parameters, a default parameters layout is generated in the design area from these parameters. You can then build the parameters view from the default view or simply create a fresh parameter view using the controls available in the parameters designer.
    3. Drag-drop the controls from the toolbox that will be used for inputting parameters.
    4. Set the properties of each of the control such as Binding, Type, depending on the function each of the control.
    5. Add buttons to preview the report based on selected parameters, reset the parameter selection to default, and clear the selection.

    Preview the Report with Custom Parameters View

    Preview a Custom Parameter Panel

    The controls provide an intuitive user experience with customization possibilities. Following is the list of controls available for designing a parameters view.

    Use Free Form/Stack switch to see how parameters will look in the preview window.

    When the 'Free Form' layout type is on, the view matches the current parameter panel on the viewer's sidebar. The order of parameters can be changed by dragging the controls. You can also change the location and size of the controls.

    When the 'Stack' layout is on, the view arranges the controls vertically. The order of parameters can be changed by dragging the controls. Also, you can select the 'Highlight Required' option to highlight any errors while designing the parameter panel.

    For information on the WebDesigner API and its integration into applications, see WebDesigner Application.