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    Data Visualizers
    In This Topic

    Several report controls support a type of expression called Data Visualizers that lets you create small graphs to make your data easy to comprehend for the user. For instance, you can red flag an overdue account using the Flags Icon Set as a background image in the TextBox control. 

    There are several types of Data Visualizers available through a dialog linked to properties on the report controls. Let's explore each type of data visualizers in depth.

    Image Data Visualizers

    These Data Visualizers are supported in the Value property of the image report control, as well as in the BackgroundImage - Value property of TextBox, CheckBox, Shape, and Container report controls. See the topics below to learn more.

    Caution: In the following topics, the terms "argument" and "parameter" may seem interchangeable, but within an expression, an argument refers to the returned value of a parameter, while a parameter may be just a variable.
    Icon Set
    Learn about the included image strips from which you can select using arguments. These include traffic lights, arrows, flags, ratings, symbols, and more, plus you can create your own custom image strips.
    Range Bar
    Learn how you can provide minimum, maximum, and length arguments to render a 96 by 96 dpi bar image in line with your text to show a quick visual representation of your data values.
    Range Bar Progress
    Learn how you can use a second bar to show progress along with the data range.
    Data Bar
    Learn about data bars, which are similar to range bars with a few different arguments. 
    Learn how to apply gradient style to the background of a control.
    Learn how to apply hatch style to the background of a control.

    Background Color Data Visualizer

    These Data Visualizers are available in the BackgroundColor property of the TextBox and CheckBox report controls. See the following topics to learn more.

    Color Scale 2
    Learn about displaying TextBoxes with a range of background colors that are keyed to the value of the data. 
    Color Scale 3
    Learn about color scales with an additional middle color value.