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    Data filtering refers to setting conditions on data so that only specific data is displayed. Filtered data is easier to analyze and allows you to focus on specific information in a large set of data. ComponentOne Blazor provides the data filtering through the DataFilter control. DataFilter allows users to filter data on the basis of filter criterias or conditions. It can be used in conjunction with data-aware controls like grids, lists, treeview, charts, and others. The DataFilter control gives users a way to focus on the subsets of data. There are many components that offer filtering options like column filtering in grids but when users need to filter all the information on the screen, DataFilter can help with quick filtering at one place using different value and expression based filters.

    The DataFilter UI provides E-commerce-like filters to accompany any extensive data collection. It can be used to build filters similar to the ones you see in different e-commerce websites where the grid displaying a product listing shows only specific attributes, such as product name and product image. However, you can set filters for a specific brand, category, price etc. using the DataFilter. Such filters cannot be set from column filters in the data grid controls.

    It reads properties of the DataSource and automatically creates corresponding filter types amongst DataRangeFilter, CheckListFilter and RangeFilter as shown in the image below.

    Blazor DataFilter

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