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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    TreeMap allows drilling down the data items of its data further for detailed analysis. End users can access the lower levels in the data hierarchy by simply clicking the desired node. Whereas, to move back up in the hierarchy, users simply need to right-click in the plot area.

    To implement the drilldown functionality in the TreeMap control, set the MaxDepth property to a value greater that 0. This property defines the levels of hierarchical data in the TreeMap control.

    Note that the more levels you show the less understandable your TreeMap might become (depends on the levels' number and values they represent). In our example, we will set MaxDepth property to 2.

    The following gif image demonstrates drilling-down by showing data points of the clicked TreeMap node.

    The following code example demonstrates how to set the MaxDepth property of the TreeMap in C# to enable DrillDown. This example uses the sample created in the QuickStart section.

    In Code

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    treeMap.MaxDepth = 2;

    In XAML

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    <c1:C1TreeMap x:Name="treeMap" Binding="Sales" BindingName="Category" MaxDepth="2" ChildItemsPath="Items">