ActiveReports 18 .NET Edition
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    Zoom Support
    In This Topic

    ActiveReports allows you to zoom in or out on the report design surface for better control over your report layout. As you zoom in or out, the size of every item on the design surface changes.

    In the designer, you can access the zoom feature from the Zoom bar below the report design surface where the slider thumb is set to 100% by default. The slider allows you to zoom in and out of the report designer surface. Using this slider you can magnify the layout from 50% to 400%. You can also use the zoom in (+) and zoom out (-) buttons at either end of the slider to change the zoom level.

    Zoom settings are also available on the ActiveReports toolbar where you can change the zoom percentage or use the zoom in/zoom out buttons. See Toolbar for further information.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    You can hold down the Ctrl key and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out of the design surface.

    You can also use keyboard shortcuts for the following functions:

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