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    WebDesigner Application
    In This Topic

    The ActiveReports WebDesigner is a report designer, optimized to be embedded in web applications. It brings all functionality of ActiveReports to the web that includes such features as:

    WebDesigner Application is a powerful JS component, which allows creating reports directly in the Web. However, it requires a server-side component with REST API, similar to the Js Viewer and Blazor Viewer. 

    These topics provide details on how to use WebDesigner with some popular web frameworks:

    ASP.NET MVC Core Integration

    Angular Application Integration

    React Application Integration

    VueJS Application Integration

    These topics provide information on the WebDesigner configuration:

    WebDesigner ASP.NET Middleware

    Load Reports

    Configure and Use Shared Data Sources

    Save Reports

    Preview Reports

    Update Security Token in Designer Service

    WebDesigner API

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