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    WPF Viewer
    In This Topic

    To add Viewer Control to your WPF application,

    1. In Visual Studio 2022, create a new WPF Application or open an existing one.
    2. Install NuGet package for 'MESCIUS.ActiveReports.Viewer.Wpf'. For more information on installing NuGet packages, see Manage ActiveReports Dependencies topic.
    3. Open XAML Designer (MainWindow.xaml) to verify the Viewer control showing up in the Visual Studio Toolbox under 'WPF Viewer' tab.
      Make sure that the XAML Hot Reload is enabled. See Troubleshooting for more information.
    4. From the Toolbox ActiveReports 18 tab, drag the Viewer control and drop it on the design view of MainWindow.xaml.
      Note: Dragging the Viewer control to the design view of MainWindow.xaml automatically adds the corresponding reference to the licenses.licx file.

    On using the Page, RDLX, or Section report template, a new ActiveReports 18 tab is automatically added in the toolbox with the controls in sync with the references.

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