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    Js Viewer Application
    In This Topic

    The Js Viewer is a Javascript component that you can easily customize and use in web applications to preview all types of reports - Page, Rdl, and Section reports. The Js Viewer works on modern web application frameworks - ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core MVC, and major JavaScript Frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue.js. The Viewer supports all the major browsers as well as rendering on mobile devices.

    This section covers some most popular scenarios of modern Web applications using different frameworks:

    ASP.NET MVC Core Integration

    Integration to Angular Application

    Integration to React Application

    Integration to VueJS Application

    For special situations, we recommend that you read these topics:

    Js Viewer ASP.NET Core Middleware

    Load Reports

    Switch Between Render Formats

    Update Security Token in Report Service

    Caching Reports

    Prevent Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

    Customize UI

    Customize Page View


    View Reports from Different Domains using CORS

    Predefined Export Settings

    Js Viewer API

    Note: For some reports, you may need to configure a fonts factory or a resource locator. For details, see Custom Resource Locator and Custom Font Resolver.

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