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    Print Reports on a Single Page
    In This Topic

    You can set the printing options for an RDLX report to print it on a single page, despite the report page height. This is useful for printing receipts, bills menu, recharge ticket, etc. where all data is printed in one page.

    1. Open an RDLX report in the Designer. This sample uses a report with a Table data region, based on the Customers dataset.
    2. With a report selected, go to Properties and set the PageSize > Height property to Auto. Note that if the PaperOrientation property is set to Portrait, this property gets disabled when you set PageSize.Height to Auto.

      Inserting a new page
    3. Click Preview to see that now the report has one page.
    4. Click Print.
    5. In the Print dialog that opens, click Properties, and select a page size.
    6. Click OK to print a report on a single page.


    • If your report has page breaks, then printing on a single page for the report will not work.
    • The user should set the correct Paper Size in Printing Preferences before sending the Print command.
    • This feature is available in the Visual Studio Integrated Designer and Standalone Report Designer.

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