A Histogram sparkline makes it easier to see the quality distribution or sales performance distribution.

You can create a Histogram sparkline using the HistogramSparkline function in a formula: =HISTOGRAMSPARKLINE(dataRange,continuous?,paintLabel?,scale?,barWidth?,barColor?,labelColor?,edgeColor?). The function has the following parameters: dataRange: It's a range or calc array,such as "A1:C6" or "{1,2,2,3,3}". If a cell value isn't a valid number, it will be ignore. continuous: (optional) If it's true, the histogram is continuous. If it's false, the histogram is discrete. paintLabel: (optional) Boolean that represents whether to show the data label. scale: (optional) Number that represents the data binning width when histogram is continuous. (value > 0) barWidth: (optional) Number that represents the percent of bar width according to the average bar width. (value > 0 && value <= 1) barColor: (optional) String that represents the bar color. labelFontStyle: (optional) String that represents the data label font style. It supports custom font style, font weight, font family, font size. labelColor: (optional) String that represents the data label font color. It support CSS color. edgeColor: (optional) String that represents the color of bar edge.
window.onload = () => { var spread = new GC.Spread.Sheets.Workbook(document.getElementById("ss")); initSpread(spread); } function initSpread(spread) { spread.fromJSON(data); var sheet = spread.getSheet(0); spread.suspendPaint(); for(var i=0; i<7;i++){ var column = String.fromCharCode(65 + i); sheet.setFormula(3, i, 'HISTOGRAMSPARKLINE('+column+'4:'+column+ '50,TRUE,TRUE,10,1,"#DDDDDD","normal normal 8pt Calibri", "#000000", "#C0C0C0")'); i++; } spread.resumePaint(); }
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