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ActiveReports.NET v18 Has Released

Hey everyone! We're happy to announce that ActiveReports.NET 18.0 is here! This is our annual major release update, and as usual, we will have two Service Packs to provide improvements and optimizations over the course of the year, as well as hotfix builds in between when necessary. We have some exciting new features coming with this one and a whole bunch of improvements that you’ll find listed below!

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Customizable UI with Themes for JS Viewer and Web Designer

ActiveReports.NET 18 introduces theme support for both JS Viewer and Web Designer components, allowing you to personalize the user interface according to your preferences. Choose from a selection of built-in UI themes, or craft a custom theme to tailor the look and feel of these components to match your application's aesthetic or branding requirements.

Apply Themes to WebDesigner and Js Viewer Components | WebDesigner APIJS Viewer API

Customizable UI with Themes for JS Viewer and Web Designer

WinForms Viewer UI Design Refresh

The WinForms Viewer has undergone a design overhaul, offering a modernized and more user-friendly interface. This refresh improves the overall user experience by making report viewing more pleasant and intuitive.

WinForms Viewer UI Design Refresh

.NET 8.0 Support

By supporting .NET 8.0, ActiveReports.NET 18 ensures compatibility with the latest .NET framework, allowing developers to utilize new features and improve their report applications.

Report Creation and Data Binding Wizard

A new wizard guides users through the steps of creating a basic report, simplifying the report design process for new or occasional users by providing a structured approach to report creation.

Create RDLX Report

  • Data Binding Wizard: This wizard streamlines the process of connecting reports to data sources, making it easier for users to bind their reports to various types of data and ensuring a smoother report design experience.

Data Binding Wizard

Master Reports in Web Designer

The introduction of master reports in the web designer enables users to create reusable report templates, streamlining the report design process and ensuring consistency across multiple reports.

Master Report (RDLX Report)

Master Reports in Web Designer

Nested JSON/XML Data Support

ActiveReports.NET 18 can now handle nested JSON and XML data, allowing more complex JSON data structures to be used as data sources. This feature makes working with modern web APIs and complex data models easier.

Nested Datasets (JSON and XML)Nested Datasets

Nested JSON/XML Data Support

Improved SVG Rendering Quality and Performance in WinViewer

This feature enhances the quality and speed of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) rendering within the Windows Viewer. Users will experience crisper visuals and faster load times for SVG elements in their reports, leading to a more visually appealing and efficient reporting experience.

Picture Control

Enhanced Visual Studio Project Templates

In our commitment to streamlining your experience with ActiveReports.NET, we've introduced new Visual Studio project templates. These templates are designed to replace previous versions, offering a more intuitive and efficient start to your reporting projects.

Quick Start 

  • ActiveReports Windows Forms Application: Tailored for desktop environments, this template sets the stage for rich, interactive reports on Windows Forms
  • ActiveReports ASP.NET Core Application: Perfect for web developers, this template integrates seamlessly with ASP.NET Core MVC for dynamic, server-side reporting
  • ActiveReports Blazor Server Application: Leverage the power of Blazor Server to create interactive and real-time reporting applications
  • ActiveReports Blazor WebAssembly Application: Build client-side reporting applications with the modern capabilities of Blazor WebAssembly

DataEngine Performance Improvements for Medium to Large Data Sets

By optimizing the DataEngine, ActiveReports.NET 18 significantly speeds up the processing of medium to large datasets. This improvement means quicker report generation and reduced waiting times for users working with substantial amounts of data, making the tool more suitable for data-intensive applications.

Enhanced Visualization with Advanced Tablix Group Editor

The Tablix Group Editor in ActiveReports.NET 18 has been improved to enhance how users interact with and visualize the hierarchy of group members. When selecting single or multiple rows, columns, or cells within the Tablix body, the editor automatically highlights the corresponding hierarchy, making it easier to understand and manage group relationships.

Web Designer

Enhanced Visualization with Advanced Tablix Group Editor

Simultaneous TextBox Updates

ActiveReports.NET’s Web Report Designer now supports simultaneous updates to multiple TextBoxes through the "Current Textbox Value" option in the Expression Editor. This enhancement simplifies the process of applying uniform expressions, significantly improving efficiency and consistency in report design.


Simultaneous TextBox Updates

RDL Multi-Section and RDL Merged

This change simplifies the report design process by merging RDL (Report Definition Language) multi-section reports with standard RDL reports. All RDL reports will now have optional multi-section functionality instead of having two different options.

Section Report Web Designer Improvements

Enhancements to the web designer for section reports improve usability and functionality, allowing users to design and customize their reports more efficiently and intuitively in a web environment.

  • Group Header/Footer Names in Report Explorer: This feature adds the ability to name group headers and footers in the Report Explorer. It improves report organization and makes navigating complex reports with multiple grouping levels easier
  • Set Rounding Radius Using Mouse: Users can now adjust the rounding radius of corners directly using the mouse, offering a more intuitive and precise way to style report elements
  • Added Clear Borders to Separate Report/Page/Group/Detail Sections: Clear borders have been introduced to visually separate different sections within the report designer. This visual cue helps users quickly distinguish between report, page, group, and detail sections, enhancing the report design process
  • Added Event Box in Script Tab: Adding an event box in the script tab allows users to write and manage custom code for report events more easily. This feature enhances customizability and interactivity within reports

Report Events

  • Added InputFieldText and InputFieldCheckBox: These new controls allow users to incorporate text input fields and checkboxes directly into their reports, facilitating interactive and dynamic report designs that can capture user input
  • SVG Support in Picture Control: With SVG support in the picture control for section reports, users can now incorporate scalable vector graphics, ensuring high-quality images that are resolution-independent

Expanded Data Source Support for Page/RDLX Reports

In our ongoing effort to enhance data connectivity and flexibility within ActiveReports.NET, we are excited to announce the addition of support for several new built-in data sources. Report authors can now connect their RDLX, Page, and Dashboard reports directly to:

  • MySQL: Tap into the power of one of the world's most popular open-source relational database management systems
  • PostgreSQL: Leverage this advanced, enterprise-class open-source database system known for its reliability and robustness
  • Excel: Directly import data from Excel files, allowing for seamless integration of spreadsheet data into your reports

Format Property for DateTime Parameters

This new property allows users to specify the display format for DateTime parameters, providing greater control over how date and time data is presented in reports.

Custom Parameters View

Format Property for DateTime Parameters

Enhanced Navigation with Tab Order for Editable Fields in PDF

ActiveReports.NET 18 introduces the ability to precisely control the tab order of editable fields in PDF forms through a new TabIndex property on InputField controls. This addition allows for the customization of navigation, enabling users to set a specific sequence for moving from one field to another using the Tab key. This feature enhances form usability and improves the overall user experience in PDF documents.

InputField (Page/RDLX Report) | InputField (Section Report) | InputFieldCheckBox (Section Report)

Improved ASP.NET Middleware for ActiveReports.NET Web Integration

We've enhanced the ASP.NET middleware in ActiveReports.NET 18, streamlining the integration of ActiveReports.NET Web components for developers. This improvement simplifies the process of embedding reporting capabilities into web applications, ensuring a smoother, more efficient development experience.

WebDesigner Application | Js Viewer Application | Blazor Viewer Application

Shift+Scroll Wheel to Scroll Horizontally in Windows Designer and Preview

This enhancement improves navigation within the Windows Designer and Preview mode, making it more convenient to scroll content with horizontal scroll bars.

Added API to Specify Printer Name When the Print Button is Clicked in the Viewer

This API enhancement allows developers to programmatically specify the printer when the print button is used in the viewer, offering more control over the printing process and enhancing the end-user experience by streamlining print operations.

To find a list of any breaking changes from ActiveReports.NET 17 to ActiveReports.NET 18, please check this documentation article.

As always, if you have any positive or negative feedback or if there’s anything you’d like to see in a future version of ActiveReports.NET, please let us know!

ActiveReports.NET v18 is ready for you! Download a 30-day Free Trial Today!


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