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    Row Details
    In This Topic

    The C1FlexGrid control allows you to create a hierarchical grid by adding a row details section to each row. Adding a row details sections allows you to group some data in a collapsible template and present only a summary of the data for each row. The row details section is displayed only when the user taps a row. Moreover, you can set the details visibility mode to expand single, expand multiple or selection, with the help of GridDetailVisibiltyMode property provided by the FlexGrid class.

    The image given below shows a FlexGrid with row details section added to each row.

    The following code examples demonstrates how to add row details section to the FlexGrid control in C#. The example uses the class, Customer, created in the Quick Start section. Add the following code to the MainActivity.

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    public class MainActivity : Activity
            public FlexGrid grid;
            //private C1CollectionView<Customer> _collectionView;
            protected override void OnCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
                grid = FindViewById<FlexGrid>(Resource.Id.Grid);
                var data = Customer.GetCustomerList(100);
                grid.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
                grid.Columns.Add(new GridColumn() { Binding = "Id", Width = GridLength.Auto });
                grid.Columns.Add(new GridColumn() { Binding = "FirstName", Width = GridLength.Star });
                grid.Columns.Add(new GridColumn() { Binding = "LastName", Width = GridLength.Star });
                var details = new FlexGridDetailProvider();
                details.DetailCellCreating += OnDetailCellCreating;
                details.Height = GridLength.Auto;
                grid.ItemsSource = data;
            private void OnDetailCellCreating(object sender, GridDetailCellCreatingEventArgs e)
                var customer = e.Row.DataItem as Customer;
                var detailsView = LayoutInflater.Inflate(Resource.Layout.RowDetailsCell, null);
                var countryLabel = detailsView.FindViewById<Android.Widget.TextView>(Resource.Id.CountryLabel);
                var cityLabel = detailsView.FindViewById<Android.Widget.TextView>(Resource.Id.CityLabel);
                var addressLabel = detailsView.FindViewById<Android.Widget.TextView>(Resource.Id.AddressLabel);
                var postalCodeLabel = detailsView.FindViewById<Android.Widget.TextView>(Resource.Id.PostalCodeLabel);
                countryLabel.Text = string.Format(Resources.GetString(Resource.String.RowDetailsCountry), customer.Country);
                cityLabel.Text = string.Format(Resources.GetString(Resource.String.RowDetailsCity), customer.City);
                addressLabel.Text = string.Format(Resources.GetString(Resource.String.RowDetailsAddress), customer.Address);
                postalCodeLabel.Text = string.Format(Resources.GetString(Resource.String.RowDetailsPostalCode), customer.PostalCode);
                e.Content = detailsView;