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FlexSheet: A lightweight JavaScript Spreadsheet Component

Produce an Excel-like experience in your web app with FlexSheet, a fast, lightweight component.

  • Includes top Excel features like formulas, freezing cells, undo/redo, and formatting
  • Excel import and export
  • First-class Angular, React, and Vue. support

* Looking for a full-featured Excel spreadsheet in JS? Check out SpreadJS


FlexSheet Features

Flexible Data Binding

Flexible Data Binding

Wijmo's FlexSheet supports client-side and server-side data binging. You can create FlexSheets bound to JavaScipt arrays, CollectionViews, and OData sources, or leave FlexSheet unbound and programaticall set cell values.

FlexSheet Formatting Cells

Formatting Cells

There will be times you want to format cells and columns, and FlexSheet allows you to do so with cell templates and the formatItem method. This allows you to customize the content of the cells, add custom controls to the cells, and add custom styles to FlexSheet.

FlexSheet HTML Exel-Like Spreadsheet

Import and Export Excel Files

If your business relies on Excel for data management, you can use FlexSheet to both import XLSX files, as well as export your FlexSheet data into an XLSX file. FlexSheet also support synchronous and asynchronos exportation, as well as the ability to retain formatting and styles.

FlexSheet Formula Support

Formula Support

FlexSheet includes a calculation engine for built-in formula support, complete with nearly 100 formulas, as well as allowing you to create your own custom functions. Our formula operations align with Microsoft Excel.

FlexSheet Filtering


FlexSheet supports Excel-like filtering by extending the FlexGridFilter module to work with the FlexSheet control. This allows users to filter by condition and filter by value, as well as sort columns by descending and ascending order.

FlexSheet Cell Merging

Cell Merging

Wijmo's FlexSheet support Excel-like cell merging. This allows users to merge cells that contain any data, unlike FlexGrid, which supports content-driven cell merging.

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