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Menu Component for JavaScript

Wijmo's menu is a versatile component that can be used as a navigation menu, value picker, split button or even a context menu. Use the Wijmo menu to save time and build better apps! 

Create a Selectable Menu

Extend the ComboBox with added features like a non-editable header, an itemClicked event, and commands. Users can select items from the menu by click or by touch.

Try the Selectable Menu Demo


The Menu component also supports MVVM-style commanding, which requires no event handlers at all.

To use the Menu component with commands, set the Menu's command property to an object with two methods:

  • canExecuteCommand: This method takes an argument that represents a parameter and returns a Boolean value indicating whether the command can be executed in the current application state.
  • executeCommand: This method takes an argument that represents a parameter and executes the command.

Try the Command Demo


Create complex menus and context menus by adding multiple layers of submenus to the component.

Try the Sub Menu Fiddle

Value Pickers

The Menu component can be used as a simple value picker. It extends the ComboBox component, which allows you to bind variables to the component's selectedValue property as you would with a ComboBox.

Try the Value Pickers Demo

Split Buttons

Split Buttons allow users to select a value by clicking a primary button, or select from a list of mutually exclusive values displayed in a drop-down list.

Try the Split Button Demo

Context Menus

The Context Menu is easily configurable with other controls using fluent API. Create context menus and bind them to different elements.

Try the Context Menu Demo