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JavaScript Input Controls

Powerful JavaScript Input Components

Wijmo's variety of Input components answer every application's need.

  • Create and enter data quickly and efficiently using a mouse or touch
  • Specialized and optimized for each data type
  • Includes first-class Angular, React, and Vue support


JavaScript Input components are software elements used to create interactive controls for web-based forms to allow data collection from users.

DateTime Input Controls


Set date ranges that users can pick from, validate user selection, and customize each date cell within the calendar.

Try the Calendar Demo
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Select a date by either entering a date value into the drop-down control or expending it and selecting it from the Calendar control.

Try the InputDate Demo
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Wijmo's InputTime control extends the ComboBox class to allow easy entry and editing of time values.

Try the InputTime Demo
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Wijmo's JavaScript InputDateTime control extends the InputDate control, allowing users to select from a range of times as well as dates. Users can either enter the date and time into the input element or expand the drop-down and select values from the drop-down lists.

Try the InputDateTime Demo
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The InputDateRange control extends Wijmo's InputDate control and configures it to allow editing date ranges. You can specify custom date ranges that users can pick from, or they can use the multi-month calendar in the drop-down to select date ranges with the mouse or keyboard.

Try the InputDateRange Demo
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Numeric Input Controls


The InputNumber control is an input control that allows users to enter and edit numbers. It allows you to format the number, set a step value for incrementing/decrementing the value in the control, and set a minimum and maximum range for values that can be entered.

Try the InputMask Demo


Validate and format the user input as it is entered, preventing users from entering the invalid date. Set prompt characters, such as asterisks to represent a social security number, and retrieve the raw data, stripped of the prompt characters.

Try the InputMask Demo

Color Selector Input Controls


Wijmo's JavaScript InputColor component extends the ColorPicker control, placing it in a drop-down component. This allows users to select a color by either entering the hexadecimal color value in the drop-down.

Try the InputColor Demo


Wijmo's ColorPicker control is a panel that allows users to select a color. The ColorPicker can be customized to display the hexadecimal value, show the alpha channel, and change the palette that is shown to the user.

Try the ColorPicker Demo

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