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TabPanel for JavaScript

The TabPanel enables content organization at a high level, such as switching between views, data sets, or functional aspects of an application. Tabs are presented as a single row above their associated content, and tab headers succinctly describe the content within the cell.

Switch Between Content Views

Easily switch between views or content in your app with the JavaScript TabPanel. Integrate this component with a simple unordered list and expand your app's design possibilities.

Features include:

  • Auto-refreshing when switching tabs
  • Add tabs programmatically
  • Detachable panels
  • WAI-ARIA accessibility
  • Right-to-left orientation

Try the Switch Between Content Demo

Host Wijmo Components in the Panels

Any Wijmo component, like FlexGrid, FlexChart, or Gauges, can be added to the panels and automatically refreshed on click.

Try the Host Wijmo Components Demo

Extend the TabPanel to Create a JavaScript Ribbon

The Ribbon sample extends TabPanel to create a familiar, intuitive navigation experience for users. The tab pages contain groups of components arranged in rows and columns. Components in the groups use Material Icons, and have tooltips created automatically based on the aria-label attribute assigned to each component.

Try the Create a JavaScript Ribbon Fiddle

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Customize TabPanel With CSS

Using basic CSS and TabPanel's simple layout, you can edit the tabs' alignment, animation, and style.

Try the Customize TabPanel With CSS Demo

Disable and Hide Tabs

Disable or hide individual tabs using the Tab's isDisabled and isVisible properties.

Try the Disable and Hide Tabs Demo