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JavaScript Barcode Component

Add Machine-Readable JavaScript Barcodes to Your Application to Share and Track Information

  • 26 types of barcodes to fit every requirement
  • Rendered entirely in-browser, requiring no server-side dependency
  • Includes first-class Angular, React, and Vue support


JavaScript Barcodes are a representation of data in a visual, and machine-readable way. Barcode controls are used around the world to share and track information.

Why Choose Wijmo for Your JavaScript Barcode Component?

Small and Lightweight

Fast, High-Performing, and Lightweight

Engineered for top performance, and barcodes won't slow down your business apps-and at less than 200 KB, it will never bloat your applications.

First-Class Framework Support

Framework-agnostic and includes full support for Angular, React, Vue, with the same chart component across frameworks.

Flexible and Extensible API

An extensive feature set won’t bloat the core component; it includes data binding, pixel-perfect SVG rendering and image exports.

JavaScript Code Barcode Types

Codabar barcode

Codabar barcodes are often used to display serial numbers or IDs.

Try the Codabar Demo


Code39 barcodes are often used in the manufacturing industry.

Try the Code39 Demo


Code49 barcodes are stacked series of symbols designed to put a lot of data into a small space.

Try the Code49 Demo


Code93 barcodes are similar to Code39 but can contain more characters and in a denser code.

Try the Code93 Demo


Code128 barcodes are very dense and used in industrial applications.

Try the Code128 Demo

DataMatrix Barcode Types

DataMatrix ECC-200

DataMatrixECC-200 barcodes are 2D representations of data in a compact format.

Try the DataMatrix ECC-200 Demo

DataMatrix ECC 000 - ECC 140

The DataMatrix component is used to display DataMatrix barcodes with specification versions from ECC 000 to ECC 140.

Try the DataMatrix ECC 000 - ECC 140 Demo

EAN Barcode Types


EAN-8 barcodes are usually used to encode ID numbers.

Try the EAN-8 Demo


EAN-13 barcodes are used to encode ID numbers similar to UPC and EAN-8.

Try the EAN-13 Demo

GS1 Barcode and DataBar Types


GS1-128 barcodes are usually used to share transactional data.

Try the GS1-128 Demo

GS1 DataBar Expanded

DataBarExpanded barcodes are used to store longer values.

Try the DataBar Expanded Demo

GS1 Expanded Stacked

Stacks of barcodes for storing multiple values.

Try the Expanded Stacked Demo

GS1 DataBar Limited

Limited barcodes are a fixed length and are used to save space.

Try the DataBar Limited Demo

GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional

Omnidirectional barcodes are used in retail and can be read omnidirectionally.

Try the Omnidirectional Demo

GS1 DataBar Stacked

DataBarStacked barcodes are small stacked codes used to save space.

Try the DataBar Stacked Demo

GS1 StackedOmnidirectional

DataBarStackedOmnidirectional barcodes are small stacked codes that can be read omnidirectionally.

Try StackedOmnidirectional

GS1 DataBar Truncated

DataBarTruncated barcodes are compact and used mainly in healthcare.

Try the DataBar Truncated Demo

PDF Barcode Types

PDF417 Barcode

Two-dimensional, stacked, and variable in length and often used in ID cards.

Try the PDF417 Barcode Demo

MicroPDF417 Barcode

MicroPDF417 barcodes are used to put data into a very compact space.

Try the MicroPDF417 Barcode Demo

UPC Barcode Types

UPC-A Barcode

UPC-A barcodes are commonly used in retail.

Try the UPC-A Barcode Demo

UPC-E0 Barcode

More compact than the UPC and used in retail.

Try the UPC-E0 Barcode Demo

UPC-E1 Barcode

More compact than the UPC and used in retail.

Try the UPC-E1 Barcode Demo

Additional Barcode Types

QR Code

Market your brand, promote sharing and networking.

Try the QR Code Demo

Japanese Postal Barcode

Used by Japan's postal service to track mail.

Try the Japanese Postal Demo

Interleaved Barcode

Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes contain only numbers.

Try the Interleaved Demo

ITF-14 Barcode

ITF-14 barcodes are used widely for logistics.

Try the ITF-14 Barcode Demo