How to move file server to SharePoint?

Posted by: jimmy.wick90 on 18 April 2023, 7:33 pm EST

  • Posted 18 April 2023, 7:33 pm EST

    SharePoint Online utilizes modern protocols for sharing that are much superior to the structure of on-premises file servers. When you Migrate file server to SharePoint, users will find it more convenient to set up permissions and manage a great many files and documents. As an excellent service from Office, SharePoint just simplifies the collaboration between team members and improves work efficiency.

    Specifically, the central admin console on SharePoint offers unprecedented organizational power for users to set up permissions for access and security. Meanwhile, users can enjoy great flexibility when accessing data on the web without consuming storage space on their computers. Moreover, many third-party services can be integrated to SharePoint for better functionality.

    Due to the benefits above, it’s wise to start File Server to SharePoint migration. And in this article, we will illustrate how to accomplish this goal in 2 practical methods. If you are interested, keep reading further.

    There are 2 feasible methods to move data from File Server to SharePoint Online and they both have virtues and weaknesses. You can think twice before choosing the best helper.

    Way 1: Utilize PowerShell

    Step 1: Go to the network on your File Explorer. For instance, you want to move the data on the Network to SharePoint Online.

    Step 2: And enable your PowerShell and copy the following content to SharePoint.

    Step 3: Then the PowerShell script will upload all data from the network to your SharePoint Online document library.

    Way 2: Migrate Data from File Server to SharePoint Online

    If you are frustrated about the first method, then you can take advantage of another service to achieve the goal. Simply, you can download the data from file server and then upload it to SharePoint via a third-party service – MultCloud. In case you don’t know how to download files and folders from a File Server, you can visit that hyperlink.

    MultCloud is a brilliant and popular cloud file manager that allows users to manage multiple cloud drives, such as Google Drive, Google Photos, OneDrive, Dropbox, Flickr, MEGA, Amazon S3, NAS, SharePoint, Wasabi, and so on. It enables users to perform the same features that they can perform on the official website of each cloud. For instance:

    Users are allowed to upload files to SharePoint, share a document on Google Drive, and sync Google Photos to a PC.

    Users are able to manage different cloud storage services in only one place with only one login. In this way, they don’t need to shift cloud accounts frequently.

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    I got the same question. Any help, pls?

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