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MAUI Datagrid Control

FlexGrid - .NET MAUI Datagrid Control

Showcase your data in one complete and powerful datagrid UI control. ComponentOne FlexGrid for MAUI provides data visualization, editing and analysis for cross-platform applications.

  • Deliver Excel-like features for mobile users such as tabular data editing and cell selection
  • Provide runtime data analysis with built-in sorting, filtering, and grouping
  • Get performance optimization for large data sets with on-demand loading and paging
  • Write once in C# and deploy apps to the desktop (WinUI, macOS) and mobile (Android, iOS)

FlexGrid for MAUI is included with ComponentOne WinUI & MAUI Edition.

Download Free Trial (2024 v1)


A MAUI datagrid is a cross-platform user interface component for displaying, editing, and analyzing large data sets. FlexGrid is a MAUI datagrid control optimized for high-performance and flexibility, enabling .NET developers to manage tabular data effectively on different sized devices.

Why Choose FlexGrid for .NET MAUI?

Manage Tabular Data on Mobile

Manage Tabular Data on Mobile

When you want to deliver productivity features - like a spreadsheet - in your mobile apps, FlexGrid is perfect for editing bound and unbound data.

Familiar, Easy-to-Use API

Familiar, Easy-to-Use API

The same .NET datagrid that thousands of developers have used for decades has been developed natively for MAUI, so you don’t have to learn multiple mobile development platforms.

Write Code Once for iOS, Mac, Android and Windows

Write Code Once for iOS, Mac, Android and Windows

FlexGrid for MAUI is designed for cross-platform compatibility allowing you to write your native application one time and deliver to all users.

High-Performance .NET MAUI Datagrid

High-Performance Solutions

FlexGrid is designed to aid large data sets with features like grouping, aggregation, paging, and on-demand scrolling with virtual mode.

Easily Customize and Format Cells

Easily Customize and Format Cells

One of the main strengths of FlexGrid is its flexibility to customize every aspect of the appearance for the entire grid and individual cells.

Deploy for Desktop, Mobile and Web

Deploy for Desktop, Mobile and Web

FlexGrid for MAUI includes support for Windows desktop (WinUI), Android, iOS and macOS applications. You can also scale your apps to the web with Blazor support.

MAUI Datagrid Mobile Features

MAUI datagrid adaptove layout

Adaptive Column Sizing

FlexGrid supports adaptive (or responsive) column sizes so the grid will look nice on any size device. Columns can also be resized at runtime.

MAUI datagrid column dragging

Column Reordering

FlexGrid for MAUI allows users to rearrange columns by touch (press, hold and drag). Save and persist the layout for future runs of the application.

MAUI datagrid selection

Cell Selection

Provide touch-friendly drill-down or additional analysis on selected cells. FlexGrid supports several selection modes, including cell, row, range and checkbox selection.

MAUI Datagrid Cell Features

MAUI datagrid conditional formatting

Customize Cells

Apply conditional formatting to highlight values that meet any criteria. FlexGrid provides a flexible cell formatting API using C# or XAML.

MAUI datagrid cell editing

Edit Cells

Inline editing makes it easy to modify any cell by double-tapping. Alternatively, you may display a pop-up edit form to aid mobile data entry.

MAUI datagrid cell freezing and merging

Merge & Freeze Cells

FlexGrid offers Excel-like freezing and merging. Freezing allows users to keep rows and columns in view as they navigate the content of the datagrid.

MAUI Datagrid Data Features

MAUI datagrid control data binding

Automatic Data Binding

Get started quickly with automatic column generation when data binding, or create unbound grids and use FlexGrid like a spreadsheet.

MAUI datagrid add new row

Edit & Export Data

Add new rows, edit existing bound data, and export the data grid to CSV, TXT and HTML file formats.

MAUI datagrid searching

Filter & Search

Provide runtime filtering with a built-in filter row or search box. Configure how strict you want to match text and FlexGrid will highlight the results.

MAUI datagrid grouping

Grouping & Aggregation

Enable runtime grouping and aggregation to help analyze large data sets. Display grouped data with a customizable group header and aggregated values.

MAUI datagrid control live updates

Live Updates

Create live grid displays and dashboards with automatic updates. Animate stock prices and other rapidly updating information in your datagrid.

MAUI datagrid multi-column sort

Multi-Column Sorting

FlexGrid supports sorting by clicking or tapping on the column headers. The MAUI datagrid also supports sorting by multiple columns and icon customization.

MAUI Datagrid Performance Features

MAUI datagrid row details

Drill-Down Row Details

Drill down into a record to display more details inside a collapsible panel. On-demand details enable you to display more data while optimizing the initial load time.

MAUI datagrid on-demand loading

On-Demand Loading

Improve performance and reduce load times for very large data sets with on-demand loading, where data is only retrieved as the user scrolls. This feature is also known as Virtual Mode.

MAUI datagrid paging


To improve performance, you can enable paging rather than vertical scrolling. Set page length and scroll ahead or back to pages using the data pager control.

Transposed MAUI Datagrid

MAUI Transposed Datagrid

A transposed MAUI datagrid flips the rows and columns so that the headers display down the left side and rows display across the screen. You can enable the transposed feature with FlexGrid by simply adding one line of markup.

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