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First Look at FlexGrid for MAUI: A Cross-Platform Datagrid Control

FlexGrid for MAUI is finally here! The same .NET datagrid that thousands of developers have used for decades has been developed natively for MAUI, so you don’t have to learn multiple mobile development platforms.

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What is MAUI

MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) is a .NET development platform that allows you to write once in C# and deliver a single app for desktop (WinUI, macOS) and mobile (Android, iOS). Like Xamarin, MAUI outputs native applications for each OS. However, it’s based upon the latest version of .NET rather than being its own version of .NET. That means MAUI is more compatible with other .NET technologies like Blazor.

FlexGrid for MAUI Key Features

FlexGrid for MAUI is a datagrid UI control designed with mobile users in mind. When you want to deliver productivity features - like a spreadsheet - in your mobile apps, FlexGrid is perfect for editing bound and unbound data. Here are some of the key features that end-users can do with FlexGrid in your app:

  • Display and edit tabular data across multiple columns
  • Sort, filter, and group data at runtime
  • Select individual cells or entire rows for further analysis
  • Resize and reorder columns with touch gestures

Plus, FlexGrid enables developers to get the most out of .NET capabilities in their apps.

  • Get started quickly with automatic column generation
  • Apply conditional formatting to highlight values that meet any criteria
  • Customize cells with a flexible cell formatting API using C# or XAML
  • Supports multiple edit modes: inline cell editing, confirmation prompt, and pop-up input form (ideal for mobile users)
  • Enable cell merging and row/column freezing like Microsoft Excel
  • Configure columns to resize automatically based on screen resolution (ideal for mobile users)
  • Handle large data sets with data virtualization features like on-demand loading and paging

Learn more about FlexGrid for MAUI features.

How to Get Started with FlexGrid for MAUI Preview

The quickest way to get started with FlexGrid is to download our MAUI samples on GitHub. The samples will automatically download the NuGet control packages.

To build and run MAUI samples, you need the following minimum requirements:

  • Visual Studio 2022, version 17.3 or later
  • .NET Multi-platform App UI development workload (with default optional installation options)

If you’d like to add FlexGrid to your existing sample, you can browse for the C1.Maui.Grid package. Make sure to check the pre-release checkbox. The first version of FlexGrid for MAUI is a preview, so it’s marked as beta in

About FlexGrid for MAUI Preview Licensing

ComponentOne FlexGrid for MAUI (Preview) is not intended to be used in production and is provided "as is" with no licensing restriction. A future version may be released with built-in licensing similar to other ComponentOne UI controls. See here for more information.

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