Multiple TDBDropDown controls in one TDBGrid

Posted by: george.hendrickson on 23 February 2023, 3:38 am EST

  • Posted 23 February 2023, 3:38 am EST

    Hi, I’m having an issue with using TDBDropDown controls in one TDBGrid. I have 3 in one grid, one in each different column. One works as expected, but the other 2 will not drop down. I verified that the drop downs are being populated. The datasource to all 3 dropdowns are being set to separate disconnected recordsets. I’ve tried everything that I know of to get these 2 that won’t drop down to work. Is there some sort of issue with using more than one drop down control in a dbgrid? Or perhaps some issue with recordsets that I may not be aware of when using this control? The 2 that are not working, call the same method that returns a disconnected recordset but the data is different. EX: A user list for one, different kind of user for the other. The method calls a stored procedure that accepts a parameter that specifies the type of user list to return. I suspect it might be an issue with the recordset thats causing the 2 dropdowns to not work. I tried just getting the data for one of them and not the other but that didn’t make any difference. I’m sure that I have the value translate setting set correctly as well as the translate setting on the required columns. I also have the DropDown setting set correctly for each column that will have a dropdown. I’m not sure if there is another setting that I’m missing or if there is a limitation on the number of dropdowns a grid can have. The DataMode is set to Bound for all of these. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I am using ComponentOne version 8.0.20133.372



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