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    WebViewer ASP.NET
    In This Topic

    ActiveReports WebViewer ASP.NET sample describes the standard ActiveReports web control feature and generating a parameterized report.

    Web Viewer Control

    Note: To run this sample, you must have

    Sample Location

    Visual Basic.NET



    When you run the sample, the Default.aspx page appears in your browser. This page provides links to other sample pages that demonstrate the following web features.

    WebControl for ASP.NET: This link opens the WebControl.aspx page that allows you to select any of the three Viewer Types and it also allows you to select from Section, Page and RDLX report Type.

    The three Viewer Types that are available are as follows:

    Web Viewer Control


    Parameterized Report Example: This link opens the page that demonstrates how to generate a report by passing a parameter to the report.

    Parameterized Report Example

    The project contains the following elements: