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    Create Report
    In This Topic

    The Create Report sample demonstrates how to create a Page Report using code and display it in the ActiveReports Viewer.

    Creating an RDL report

    Sample Location

    Visual Basic.NET



    When you run this sample, the ActiveReports Viewer appears with a Page Report that is bound to a database.

    Note: To run this sample, you must have access to the Reels.db. The Reels.db file can be downloaded from GitHub.

    The sample consists of:

    ReportsForm: This is the main form of the sample that contains the Viewer, the Sidebar, and Toolbox controls, used to create the ActiveReports Viewer at run time. Right-click the form and select View Code to see how to set up the Viewer. It also contains code that loads a layout created in the LayoutBuilder class to a Page Report object; then loads the Page Report object to a stream, which is loaded to the Viewer.

    Constants: This file is an internal class that contains string values that are required for creating a dataset of the report.

    LayoutBuilder: This file is an internal class that contains code for creating a Page Report layout and adding a data source and a dataset to it.