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    Section Report
    In This Topic

    This section discusses following samples:

    This sample demonstrates chart types used in different scenarios, in both bound and unbound modes.
    Cross Section Controls
    This sample demonstrates the use of the cross section lines and boxes.
    Cross Tab Report
    This sample demonstrates using unbound data, conditional highlighting and distributing data across columns to create a cross-tab view and data aggregation.
    Custom Annotation
    This sample demonstrates adding the Custom Annotation button to the report Viewer toolbar and adding a new annotation to the report.
    Digital Signature Pro
    This sample demonstrates how to sign digitally or set time stamp for a Section Report when exporting it to PDF format.
    This sample demonstrates how to export to different export formats using code.
    This sample demonstrates using the method that inherits a report at run time and design time.
    Print Multiple Pages per Sheet
    This sample demonstrates printing a document with multiple pages per sheet by using the common PrintDocument class of the NET.Framework.
    Style Sheets
    This sample demonstrates changing styles at run time to provide a different look to a same report.
    Sub Report
    This sample demonstrates using subreports in an ActiveReports report.
    This sample demonstrates how to display summarized data in a Section Report.