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    OleDb Data Source
    In This Topic

    The OleDB Data Source sample demonstrates how to use the OleDb data provider for binding a report to data.

    Report bound to OleDB Data Provider 

    Sample Location

    Run-Time Features

    When you run this sample, the MainForm with the ActiveReports Viewer appears. The Viewer displays the report with the list of movies, their ratings and the release year information.
    Note: To run this sample, you must have access to the Reels.mdb. The Reels.mdb file can be downloaded from GitHub: ..\Samples17\Data\Reels.mdb.

    Project Details


    This file is an internal class that contains code to create a data connection. It creates the OleDb data reader to read data from the Reels database and add it to an array to provide data for the report.


    This is the main form that appears when you run this sample. It uses the ActiveReports Viewer control to display the report at run time.

    Right-click the form and select View Code to see how to load and show the report at run time.


    This is the report that gets displayed in the Viewer at run time.

    The report uses the header with the Textbox to display the report heading and the footer with the Textbox to display the page number information. The body of the report has the Table data region to display data obtained from the OleDb data provider. For that, the Textbox controls of the Table are bound to the OleDB data source in the Value property.