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ComponentOne 2020 v1 Release

What's New ComponentOne 2020 v1

We're excited to announce the ComponentOne 2020 v1 release is now available. This release focuses on data: new ways to connect to online data sources, cross-platform data set management, new UI to present data, data analysis features, and data integration from different sources across.

We're introducing powerful new .NET Standard components, as well as web advancements with our new Blazor UI controls, ASP.NET MVC enhancements, and a new visitor web API. Additionally, there are improvements to our WinForms and WPF controls.

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ComponentOne Blazor Edition - First Release

Our Blazor Edition is still new; it is now production-ready. This update includes bug fixes, performance enhancements, and a new filter row feature for FlexGrid. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and Ultimate subscription holders will be happy because the Blazor Edition is included. Or, a developer license can be purchased separately for a low introductory price.

Filter Row

ComponentOne Service Components 2020 v1

Bring Your Data Together with .NET Standard Data Connectors

The 2020 v1 release offers the first version of our data connectivity library for performing any data operation against a variety of supported data sources. The Data Connectors provide a standard interface for accessing popular data services, including Dynamics 365 and OData, in this first version.

The data connectors connect to internet-based sources that expose data through OData or REST-based API's with known data access technologies such as ADO.NET & Entity Framework Core. The connectors can be used in conjunction with our other unique offering, Data Engine, to get high-performance in-memory data caching & analysis.

With Data Engine and Data Connectors, you're able to connect to and merge data from disparate data sources, perform fast data analysis in memory, and query against millions of records in seconds.

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C1DataCollection - Our New Cross-Platform Data Component for .NET

Get a powerful data binding component with ComponentOne DataCollection for .NET. Based on the standard .NET implementation of CollectionView, C1DataCollection is a cross-platform, .NET Standard rewrite of our old useful C1CollectionView. The C1DataCollection provides:

  • Filtering, grouping and sorting services for your data collection
  • Cursor and paging-based data virtualization for incrementally loading large data sets.
  • Support for .NET Core, WinForms, WPF, UWP, Xamarin
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Use ComponentOne Service Components with Visual Studio for Mac

The new C1ControlPanel for Mac means that you can now install the ComponentOne Service Components on a Mac. Just download from your Mac to gain access.

ComponentOne WinForms Edition 2020 v1

Build Complex Filter Expressions with FilterEditor

The FilterEditor component shares the DataFilter Engine and enables the end-user to easily build category-based and/or filter expressions. The control can be bound to a data source and it will automatically provide visual options to create expressions based on available fields. Complex expressions can be created using a combination of AND\OR operators and a set of available filters.

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Parse and Evaluate Formulaic Expressions using CalcEngine

Parse and evaluate expressions like Microsoft Excel with CalcEngine for .NET Standard.

  • Calculate the sales projections or do calculations to find patterns in data
  • Load data from Microsoft Excel into a datagrid and show computed values in cells
  • Evaluate algebraic expressions, mathematical functions, and formulas using variables
  • Perform CrossSheet reference and computation
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FlexGrid for WinForms Feature Enhancements

Improved Error Validation: The validation feature of FlexGrid has become more powerful with enhanced support for DataAnnotations like Required, StringLength, Range, Compare. In addition, an EditorValidation collection property has been added to the FlexGrid column for validation of editor value, this collection includes RequiredRule, StringLengthRule, RangeRule, CompareRule. The EditorValidation feature is helpful in validation when data annotation is not being used to enforce validation.

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Incrementally Load Data using Data Virtualization: Data virtualization can now be implemented with FlexGrid and DataCollection library. This feature is useful when working with a large amount of data or data over a network. By binding to a VirtualDataCollection, which gets data from a source asynchronously, FlexGrid displays records when they are available. The DataCollection is a powerful collection based on the .NET standard that supports grouping, filtering, sorting, data virtualization and specialized scenarios through its different implementations.

Flexgrid Data Virtualization

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FlexPivot for WinForms Feature Enhancements

New and Improved Charts with FlexChart: You can now use FlexCharts inside FlexPivot for visual data analysis using the new FlexPivotChart control. FlexChart has a modern look and is faster than the legacy C1Chart control. We will continue to develop FlexPivotCharts & FlexPivotPage to include more data analysis features. C1FlexPivotChart & C1FlexPivotPage controls will be legacy starting 2020 V1, we will continue to maintain these legacy controls. Unless you implemented custom code using C1FlexPivotChart, it should be easy to swap to the new charts.

Improved Data Analysis with TopN & BottomN Filters: The TopN filter enables users to find leading and lagging elements from data. For example, this filter can be used to find the top 10 performing products or the bottom 20 lagging sales regions. This feature can be used through the field settings Lookup Filter at runtime by end-users. Programmatically the filters can be applied to Filter property of Fields.

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ComponentOne WPF Edition 2020 v1

New DataFilter Control for WPF

The new DataFilter control for WPF is a combination of a slicer and intelligent filter UI. This control is based on the same in WinForms and lets users filter data based on multiple conditions. It can be bound to any data-aware like datagrids, lists, treeviews, charts, maps or with a model. The DataFilter could be used in dashboard applications to slice data from a familiar, e-commerce filter panel as you see on Amazon.

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ComponentOne ASP.NET Core & MVC Edition 2020 v1

Manage Files in the Cloud using the FileManager UI

The new FileManager UI control integrates with our cloud storage Web API to provide the interface for CRUD operations over files. The Web API supports cloud storage services like Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DropBox, GoogleDrive, and OneDrive. The intuitive UI of the control is similar to Windows file explorer. It supports listing, searching, moving, uploading, deleting, and downloading files easily through menus. The control is available in ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core MVC.

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A New Grid Perspective using Transposed Grid

The TransposedGrid is an extension of FlexGrid control. It uses a transposed layout to represent columns as data items and rows as item properties. Transposed layouts are useful for comparing items or displaying a few data items where each item has many properties.

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FlexGrid for ASP.NET Core MVC Enhancements

Super Practical Full-Text Search: apply a filtered search across all columns of the grid at once. This feature also includes CSS styling for the highlighted matches.

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Column Pinning: With column pinning, end-users can move and freeze columns by simply "pinning" them. This simple usability enhancement is a popular request by end-users who are tired of scrolling.

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Customize Cells with Templates: The columns of FlexGrid now have a template property that supports custom content. In the grid below the Amount column uses HTML to color cells based on values. The template feature can be used to display arbitrary HTML content inside column cells

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Multi-Column Sorting Arrives: FlexGrid for ASP.NET Core MVC now supports multi-column sorting by clicking the column headers. It's very simple to implement. The AllowSorting enum property has a new enum for MultiColumn which allows the grid to be sorted on multiple columns.

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Collapsible Column Groups: With FlexGrid you can create hierarchical column headers. With the 2020 v1 release, those column groups can be collapsed to minimize the UI.

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Multirow for ASP.NET Core MVC Enhancements

MultiRow Group Headers: The MultiRow Group Headers allow you to determine whether group headers should have multiple rows instead of the single header row. This is useful when displaying aggregate values in the group header.

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Header Layout Definition: By default, the MultiRow control uses the same layout definition for column headers and for the cell data. You may use the new headerLayoutDefinition property to customize the layout of the column headers.

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Web API Enhancements 2020 v1

New Visitor Web API

The new .NET Core Visitor Web API collects user data such as IP, Geographical location, language, referring site, session, operating system, device, browser. It's useful for web developers to customize content for individual users.

Learn More | See Demos

.NET Core Support for All Web API's

We introduced .NET Core Web API's for Excel, BarCode, DataEngine, Cloud Storage as beta in 2019 v3. With 2020 v1 these Web API's are out of beta, support .NET Core 2.0 and above. We also added many platform samples that demonstrate how to consume these API from WinForms, JavaScript (using TypeScript) and MVC applications.

Plus, the new C1ControlPanel for Mac means that you can now install the ComponentOne Web API components on a Mac.

Xamarin Enhancements 2020 v1

FlexGrid Filter Row

FlexGrid for Xamarin.Forms, iOS & Android now support the classic filter row feature. A filter row is a static row at the top of the grid that lets the user filter by any one column.

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FlexViewer Export

The FlexViewer gets a mobile upgrade with several enhancements for the hamburger menu. Users can now print and export the document directly from the hamburger menu. Plus, with support for light and dark themes, the menu is styled nicely by default when you take advantage of the new dark themes for iOS and Android.

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Plus, the new C1ControlPanel for Mac means that you can now install the ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin components on a Mac.

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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